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Developer Interview 2014

01. Director, Consumer Games Development Division 3 Department 3 Project Planning Section
  Kaname Fujioka/ With the Support of Its Fans, Monster Hunter Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary: Continuing Progression and Growth

"Monster Hunter 4G" Was Developed to Express Our Appreciation to the Fans Universal Attractions Are the Key to Success in the Global Market

-   The latest title, "Monster Hunter 4G" in Japan, will be released on October 11.
Right. To motivate the players of the previous title to play "Monster Hunter 4G", save data can be transferred, practically in its entirety. I personally develop games with "G" in the titles to express my appreciation to all the fans who played the previous titles. We have done our best to develop each game, but we have come to understand our users' expectations and what can be improved upon by looking at the user trends after the release.
-   You have received various feedback.
We want to use what we learn from the feedback, but it is often difficult to do so in numbered titles that are designed from scratch. That is why we have developed the "G" series, to satisfy almost all user expectations. So those who are new to "Monster Hunter" can also enjoy this game.
-   I see. Could you tell us what you have changed specifically?
"Monster Hunter 4" was the first portable game that supported multiplayer online. So we made some changes to improve the players' gaming environment. Predefined phrases appear automatically in response to actions such as mounting a monster or setting up a bomb, enabling players to easily communicate with each other during a quest.
-    I have heard that you have developed the overseas version of "Monster Hunter 4G" in parallel with the Japanese version.
You mean "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate", right? Most of the basic elements are the same as the Japanese version, so we are working in coordination with the planners who are our point of contact, and leaving localization up to the special team.
-   Are there differences between the overseas version and the Japanese version?
They are essentially the same except for some elements, such as some digital download content. With localization, our goal is to give the same Monster Hunter experience to our users. How can we best express the nuances of Japanese in another country's language? English translations are often longer than the Japanese source terms, so the special team struggles with the limited number of characters.
-   You presented the demo version at E3. Could you tell us about your strategies for the overseas market?
Mainly we give players as many opportunities as possible to experience the game and socialize with each other as fans. Although "Monster Hunter" has not yet penetrated the overseas market as much, it has a core group of fans, and they are forming strong communities. In fact, we receive feedback and comments from enthusiastic fans at overseas events. By creating more opportunities to experience the game, we hope to increase the number of these enthusiastic fans.

-   That's sounds great.
Indeed. These fans are very important to us. Our success in Japan is the result of growing communities formed by the fans who have played "Monster Hunter" since the first title for PlayStation 2. We expect these enthusiastic fans all over the world to build expanding communities, and we actually see signs this is happening. We are committed to developing games that meet their expectations.
-   Some say that "Monster Hunter" cannot gain popularity in the global markets, especially North America, due to cultural differences.
I've heard that, but I try not to pay too much mind to it. In fact, "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate", which was released globally for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, has been popular, and sales are steadily increasing. Cultural differences can be difficult to overcome, but I believe that fun is a universal concept that goes beyond such boundaries. So what is important is stimulating interest and broadening our user base.
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