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Developer Interview 2013

05. Corporate Officer and Deputy Head of Consumer Games Development / Yoshinori Ono / In charge of sound on the "Street Fighter" series since joining the Company. went on to become producer of "Monster Hunter Frontier Online" and "Street Fighter IV" series. At current post since April 2013.

The continued expansion of the game market driven by the emergence of smartphones, tablet devices, and other general-purpose platforms

- To start things off, I was wondering if you could tell us about the strategy of the entire Capcom group.
Capcom is currently targeting three main markets: Japan, North America and Europe, and Asia. The challenge for us now is determining the best way to adapt our approach for delivering services in each regional market. In Japan, for example, home video game consoles enjoy the same amount of popularity among gamers as smartphones and computers. On the other hand, there is little need to focus on game consoles in other Asian countries because they are only used by hardcore gamers. We do intend to continue marketing titles aimed at hardcore gamers, but in general our primary focus in the Asia is building up the market for online games.
- So basically what you need is a strategy adapted to the preferences of people in each region?
Exactly. Home video games are the most popular in the North America and Europe, so in that sense it's like a larger version of the Japanese market. But recently the income gap has widened in certain areas, and there are differences in the attitudes people have towards games, so we need to adapt our services to fit the needs of each group.
- I see. What policies does Capcom have for its online business?
The Japanese game market is currently undergoing a dramatic transformation. Just as the spread of digital distribution created new options for the music industry, the emergence of smartphones has given us new ways to play games.
- The scope of the entire game industry has gotten a lot bigger.
Capcom will definitely work to adapt itself to all fields. If we can launch hit packaged games for smartphones/tablet devices or hit smartphone titles for packaged games, we'll see the different groups of gamers grow even more. However, whether a hit packaged game enjoys the same amount of success in the smartphone market is a completely different ball game. The most important thing is to accurately recognize the precise needs of the target market and users. If we do incredibly well in both the packaged game and smartphone/tablet device fields, we'll be able to command a greater share of the total market. Right now we're working on tackling these challenges in our three main target regions.
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