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Developer Interview 2013

04. General Manager of Division 2, Consumer Games Development / Kazunori Sugiura / Served as producer of "Monster Hunter Frontier G", leading it to become one of the biggest titles in Japanese online gaming. At present directs all online games and social applications as General Manager of the Division 2, Consumer Games Development.

Capcom's Approach: A Concept of "Socializing" All Games

- What are your popular social game titles right now?
We have operated a game under the title of "Resident Evil: Outbreak Survive" for more than two years. It has more than two million members and has maintained high popularity. The success comes from the advantage as a pioneer, active in-game event hosting, and timely operation.
- What kind of game content have you released recently?
Our latest releases are "Monster Hunter Hunting Quest" and "Street Fighter X All Capcom". Both are easy-to-play card battles. They are based on action or fighting games and have simplified manipulation for smartphones, but share the same world view, staging, and community development as the console versions. "Monster Hunter Hunting Quest" exceeded 500,000 downloads about one month after the service started and has been high in the sales ranking. This is a card battle based on an action game, and it wins support from a large number of original game fans. I think this is a factor in its success.

- What kind of content are you planning to release in the future?
We are planning to release a smartphone app, "Monhan Itsudemo Airou Life", and a web-based, full-scale card battle game, "Monster Hunter Roar of Cards". They have one thing in common: If we incorporate the same manipulation as action games for consoles in smartphone games, they are difficult to play for many users. So, these games are easy to play while sharing the same world view as the console versions.
- So, you design games that fit best with each platform while taking the characteristics into account.
That's right. We are now developing an RPG titled, "Breath of Fire 6: Hakuryu no Shugosha-tachi". This is a popular consumer game title in the series, and it has been about eight years since the last series was released. We incorporate the deep story and world view of the previous series into this new series as much as possible. This game will run on smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. So, you will be able to play it on your smartphone or tablet on the go and on your computer when you get home. RPGs are relatively easy to fit to any platform. I think it is interesting to enjoy the same game differently depending on when and where you play it.

- So you are providing various "opportunities" by taking the settings for playing games into account.
Exactly. As I said before, future games will be increasingly independent of platforms. For example, social games will not be necessarily designed for smartphones. This doesn't mean that this game is fun to play because it is for smartphones or consoles. The manufacturers are providing hardware platforms allowing us to design and develop "entertaining games" that attract users. I think the success of games will depend on how well they incorporate social elements in the future. So, we are providing as many playing environments and opportunities as possible.
- What ideas or measures do you think attract users?
This is the most difficult question to answer (laughs). We have to constantly look for new ideas and measures. In the game industry, prompt actions are important, so we are introducing in-game events within short spans of time, promoting cooperation among users, and thinking about how well we can make use of social elements in games.
- Would you explain your overseas business plan for the future?
At present, our subsidiaries in South Korea and Taiwan function as the satellite offices of the Second Development Department. Taiwan mainly ports and operates Japan's game content and is now porting the Taiwan version of "Onimusha Soul" and the Chinese version of "Monster Hunter Frontier", to be in operation in 2014. "Onimusha Soul" is going well, and we are planning to develop the app version. On the other hand, South Korea has great expertise in online games and specializes in developing them as a partner of the development studio in Japan.
- So, you are expanding business mainly to the Asian region?
That's right.
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