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Developer Interview 2013

03. Senior Manager of Technology Management, Technology Development, Consumer Games Development / Masaru Ijuin / Appointed as Senior manager of Software & Tools Section after working as the main programmer on "Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny". Since then, has contributed to improving Capcom's technical capabilities as the leading authority on the game engines "MT Framework" and "Panta Rhei".

Built from scratch with the intent of creating the next generation development environment and coming out with games unlike any ever made.

- To begin with, I was wondering if you could tell us about the events which led to the development of the new "Panta Rhei" engine?
At Capcom we have been using our original development engine, which is called "MT Framework", to make games and improve the efficiency and quality of development. However, we have run into some problems and limitations while using this framework. Looking ahead to the development of games for next-gen consoles, we felt we needed to completely overhaul the development environment to better cope with the increasingly complex hardware. That's pretty much why we started developing this new engine.
- You mentioned the "MT Framework" had limitations. What exactly do you mean?
Don't get me wrong. We believe "MT Framework" is a powerful rendering engine. But it's clear that heightened game quality leads to a rise in the number of man hours. The amount of work involved in making games for next-gen consoles is eight to ten times greater than what is required for the current generation of consoles.
- What motivated you to design a new engine from scratch rather than upgrade "MT Framework"?
Good question. Upgrading "MT Framework" was definitely an option, and there were people in the company who were a little hesitant about developing a new engine. But taking the easy route often fails to bring about the best results. Improvements to "MT Framework" might have reduced the work time from one hour to 30 minutes. We sought to go beyond that and shorten those 30 minutes to ten.
- How do you intend to use "MT Framework" and "Panta Rhei" from here on out?
We won't use "Panta Rhei" to develop games for the current generation of consoles. We intend to continue using "MT Framework" to do that, and use "MT Framework" Mobile for handhelds and smartphones. These engines provide the optimum development environments for hardware with different characteristics and specifications.
- The introduction of "MT Framework" integrated your development tools and increased the mobility of human resources. Do you think you can effect a smooth transition from "MT Framework" to "Panta Rhei"?
Well, I'm afraid creators will have to start back at square one when they learn how develop games using "Panta Rhei". Next-gen consoles have drastically redefined the way games are rendered. Conventional theories no longer work. If we create games the same way as before, we won't be able to give our fans what they want, and that's games unlike any they have ever played. We think we should view this new hardware as an opportunity to tackle new challenges.

- There were people in the company who didn't approve of "MT Framework" when it was first introduced. How have people reacted to "Panta Rhei"?
Just like with "MT Framework", there were people who were initially against the introduction of "Panta Rhei". I think everyone's a little apprehensive about changing the development environment. People frequently asked us why we felt the need to replace a smoothly running engine with a new one. We promised to offer them maximum support, and moved ahead with the development of "Panta Rhei". Currently we're working with the "deep down" development team and using this engine to make the game.
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