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Developer Interview 2013

03. Senior Manager of Technology Management, Technology Development, Consumer Games Development / Masaru Ijuin / Appointed as Senior manager of Software & Tools Section after working as the main programmer on "Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny". Since then, has contributed to improving Capcom's technical capabilities as the leading authority on the game engines "MT Framework" and "Panta Rhei".

Ever-evolving nature of technological development  Personal motto of "always rising to the challenge"

- Looking ahead to the future, what direction do you intend to take with engine development?
"Panta Rhei" will keep pace with technological innovation, including improved hardware performance. As this technology advances, the important question we must ask is how efficient can we be in developing games. Efficiency is not only about cost. It's about how effectively we can invest in developing entertaining games.
- I see. It's important to determine what to focus on.
For example, it is technically possible to spread fire across a corridor by using billboards. But by using the new engine and fluids, we can do this much more efficiently. The parallelization of processes is another example. What's important for us is to send out a message to development teams, telling them we have a new engine which practically eliminates wasted cost, allowing them to keep testing things out until they find what they want, with no need to worry about the cost. That's the kind of engine we want "Panta Rhei" to become.
- What do you keep in mind when you develop new technologies?
My personal motto is "always rise to the challenge", and that's I always say to the members of my team. Being involved in technological development, we are exposed to new technologies, ideas, and finished products every day. Within this environment, we can only spare a moment to relish in the fruits of our labor. New technologies, ideas, and finished products quickly become obsolete. In this context, only those who look ahead and continuously "rise to the challenge" can keep pace with advancements and move forward.
- That sounds pretty stoic.
The important thing is not to become conceited and regress. Think of yourself not as the champion but the perpetual challenger aiming for the title. That's what I always tell myself and the members of my team.
- One last question. What do you have your sights set on doing next?
Just as we did in the past with "MT Framework", we are working hard to turn "Panta Rhei" into an engine that facilitates the creation of higher quality games. Though "Panta Rhei" will be complete by the time we reach the development deadline for "deep down", we'll keep working to improve it. The development engine will continue evolving so long as we strive to develop something new. We'll keep "rising to the challenge".

Personal Motto:Always look for challenges

Technology is constantly evolving. The results of today may be obsolete tomorrow. That's why only those people that consistently put their best foot forward will be able to advance. I always try not to let anything go to my head and try to never back down. The key is to keep pursuing challenges.

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