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Developer Interview 2013

02. Senior Manager of Produce Section, P&S Software Development Department,P&S Business Division / Kentaro Ono / Entered the P&S Business Division after developing home video game software. Currently in charge of conceiving of titles for development based on the medium-term plan, formulating budget and management as senior management of the Produce Section

Pachislo Market: Where many market players engage in fierce competition The keys to winning are "Content Appeal" and "Product Competitiveness".

-  First of all, please give us an overview of the current pachislo market.
Several manufacturers have launched the development business involving pachislo machines in recent years, and we've seen an increase in the number of market entrants. The business outcomes have clearly varied depending on their machine types. With machines based on hard-hitting content and series-type ones having gathered more popularity, only machines with both product competitiveness and appealing content can become hot sellers.
-  What kind of machines are well in line with the current market trend?
Since around the latter half of 2012, the machines called "AT" (Assist Time) have risen in popularity. They are designed to enable players to hit a jackpot and get coins more efficiently than traditional machines. This gives users a sense of satisfaction of acquiring payout even in a short playing time.
-  I understand. When it comes to content, is there any trend?
Titles based on films, animation, dramas, and original titles with general popularity have become a series. Currently, it's quite difficult for entirely new content to enjoy success. This seems to be similar to the situation of the home video game console market.
- After all, doesn't well-known content provide reassurance to users?
Yes. I think such content tends to arouse the interest of various users and is more accessible to them. I'd say parlors in which machines are actually installed are more likely to purchase machines with high-profile content.
- How do you propose a product to meet parlor needs?
Those in charge of each line decide what is the new and selling points of a product as well as referring to the feedback from other line members and our sales division.
- Five years have already passed since Enterrise became a subsidiary of Capcom. Have you seen any change in your development environment?
There had been a work split between Capcom and Enterrise in the fields of video imagery and systems even before the acquisition of Enterrise. Certain gaps existing between both companies made it difficult for us to exchange opinions and share information with each other. Since we acquired Enterrise, the barriers between both companies have been lowered. This enables us to more easily communicate and exchange visits with one another and to implement product development more freely and frankly.
- What's the role of producers, like you, within both companies?
I come up with titles based on the medium-term strategy and set development lineups and target values. A producer in charge is allocated to each line to set detailed budgets and design the various measures needed to achieve target units, respectively.
- Could you give us a breakdown of the members who are actually engaged in product development?
There is a director taking charge of video imagery development and one for system development. Under these directors, there are planners responsible for video imagery, the effects, and payout. An video imagery development staff team consists of designers, programmers, and sound developers.
- Do you work in close coordination with the game console development teams?
Yes. We've developed "Resident Evil 5" in cooperation with Masachika Kawata, the producer of the game console versions of "Resident Evil".

- Do you make any adjustment to the effects and depiction?
Yes. The images and worldview of "Resident Evil", gained from the game console versions, must be retained. Therefore, even if we are in the same company, we've designed and developed a machine maintaining a feeling such that we borrow the content. As for the effects unique to pachislo machines (e.g., "we would like to make characters appear here in order to fill in the time"), we've reached a consensus with Kawata to make fine adjustment, including the characters to be used, in order to draw a line between the game console and the pachislo versions. In addition, we've asked him to supervise the pachislo version's original scripts.
- Is there any possibility that home video game developers might be engaged in the development of pachislo machines?
 They are asked to temporarily participate in the development of pachislo machines in order to assist us.
-  Are there many differences between the development of home video game consoles and that for pachislo machines?
Yes. One of the major differences from game consoles is the fact that the video imagery for pachislo machines do not appear on a real-time basis. In regard to game consoles, game characters are moved in real time by user operations. On the other hand, predetermined and set movies will appear to suit situations on pachislo machines. To prevent users from getting tired of watching a series of the same movies many times, we are prepared to offer many different patterns of graphical effects.
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