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Developer Interview 2012

04. CEO Beeline Interactive, Inc/ Midori Yuasa / While president of Capcom Interactive, Inc., the predecessor of Beeline Interactive, Inc., Ms. Yuasa laid the foundation for the company's success in the Mobile Contents business within North America and Europe. As CEO, she continues to helm company's efforts within the rapidity growing category of smartphone gaming.

Tackling the rapidly-growing smartphone market - Accelerating the global expansion of Beeline through businesses which transcend borders

-  Your duties as CEO of Beeline require that you live in the United States. What is the current situation of the mobile game market in North America?
While this may not be directly related to the North American market, I think it's important to point out that the total number of smartphones shipped worldwide in 2011 surpassed the totals for PCs. The widespread use of smartphones all over the world has made them much more affordable. I feel this is one of the greatest changes we've seen in the market. While there were only a small number of people playing games on their cell phones (feature phones) a few years ago, recently we've seen a dramatic increase in people playing games on their smartphones. In addition to the impressive number of smartphones shipped, one of the main features of the North American market is that it is number one in the world for the unit sales of tablets, such as the iPad. More and more people have started playing games on these kinds of devices.
-  Do you think there is a major difference between the North American and Japanese markets?
Right now there are not as many tablet users in Japan as there are in North America. Statistics show that in Japan the majority of people playing social games are men between their 20s and 40s. In North America, there is greater variety in the user demographics, with users from all different age groups. The difference in the number of male and female users is also less pronounced.
-  How are things in Europe right now?
The European market is basically following the same trends as the North America market. The main difference is the type of apps users prefer. People in Europe tend to gravitate towards more practical content, which is why tool-like apps such as dictionaries and GPS maps are more popular than games. This presents a stark contrast to North America, where a dictionary app rarely breaks into the App Stores top ranks. In North America most of the top 30 titles are games.
-  We've also seen use of the iPhone spread rapidly to other regions as well.
That's right. The potential of using the iTunes App Store to distribute titles to iPhone users in about 100 countries around the world is something all content providers find incredibly appealing.
-   "100" is a pretty big number. Which markets is Beeline keeping a close eye on?
The markets in Brazil, Russia, and Korea have grown dramatically in recent years. Right now at Beeline there are several countries and regions we've labeled as strategic markets. That being said, we always make sure to observe the differences in cultural preferences and popular content.
-  Does this mean you adapt the content you offer to the needs and characteristics of each region, rather than focusing on one particular country?
Exactly, I feel that securing a specified share of each market justifies our efforts to expand globally. We don't just set our sights on North America. Creating games that are only popular there does not necessarily make a major contribution to our company's sales.
-  Do you localize games for each country?
Definitely, in the future we plan to move beyond language localization and aim to adapt the content of our games to each respective country. The first step in this plan was the establishment of "Beeline Interactive Japan, Inc". (hereafter "BIJ") in 2011. Japan is one of our key markets, and thus we feel it's important to create content based on strategies adapted specifically to its market conditions. While Beeline follows a uniform management model for North America and Europe, BIJ exhibits its own distinctive character in organizational operations and develops original content.
-  Do your operational methods also differ by country?
Yes. For example, the price set for a game in Japan will be different from the price for the same game in other countries. As we distribute titles to a greater number of countries, we'll naturally have to make adjustments to the way we do things.
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