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Developer Interview 2012

01. Producer, Development Strategy and Support, Consumer Games Development /Yoshiaki Hirabayashi/Became designer of “Resident Evil” series after joining company, principally as an image supervising editor. Worked with Hollywood production team to create an even more realistic “Resident Evil” world in “Resident Evil 5”. Now focused on his debut work as a producer.

Diversified promotion channels– Make it go “viral”

- Tell us what you're doing to promote the release of "Resident Evil 6".
The nature of the media channels users tune in to is obviously changing, so this is something we need to closely monitor. Gone are the days in which you could create a TV commercial that got everyone's attention. These days the methods and means for generating interest have become more diversified. TV hasn't lost all of its power, it's just that the competition for time in other media channels is intensifying. Thus, we need to adapt our methods to the individual characteristics of these channels. One of these is social media.
- What particular tools do you use to broadcast information?
We've made YouTube our primary means for distributing trailers, and have also started an official Facebook page to help build a community. The important thing is to adapt our services to areas where fans spend the most time, without trying to push things through our way. The transition from printed media to online content means that movies can be seen in real time, and as a result the information fans demand has become much more dynamic. That's why we need to create visual and eye catching elements like videos and trailers.
- What's involved with producing a trailer?
Fans are sometimes a bit skeptical when it comes to trailers. Of course the basic goal of a trailer is to get people interested in our game, but some of them may start saying things like "the ‘trailer' looks sweet but is the game any good?". To eliminate these questions before they're even raised, one of the things we need to ask ourselves is this: How do we effectively incorporate elements of the game within the trailer? Our ultimate goal is to produce short movie clips that do a great job of making fans feel like their playing the game.
- What other areas do you keep in mind?
Our aim is to make things "viral". Our viral ad campaign when we first announced "Resident Evil 6" was a great success, generating a lot of hits and discussions. Social networks and media, including content that becomes "viral", have made the power of the word of mouth all the more potent. We need to make the most of it. But that doesn't mean we can just release something "viral" and run with it. The information we provide needs to be effectively packaged in a way that reaches fans.
- Sounds like you've got it all worked out. Speaking of media channels, the new Hollywood film is going to be released around the same time as well.
Yes. I don't know all the details because I wasn't involved with the production of the movie, but I think the synergy between the game and film will be hugely positive for both parts of the same franchise.
- Do you draw upon some of the fans feedback and ideas when you create the game?
Not all of them, but we do consider some of the points they raised when we begin to make changes to the content of the game. But we can't forget the "silent majority", for it would be far too risky to rely exclusively upon the thoughts of any one fan. Personally, I feel that we aim to improve each game to the greatest possible extent by determining what areas need to be improved, and then deciding how to blend those with the "entertaining" features we offer at Capcom.
- Thank you. To wrap things up, is there anything else you'd like to tell the fans?
"Resident Evil 6" was created through the hard work of the largest team we ever put together for the series. We're all proud of the quality we put into the game. I hope a lot of people have a blast playing Resident Evil, and that it generates a great response. Don't forget to mark October 4 on your calendars (October 2 for those North America and Europe)!
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