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Developer Interview 2011

08. Katsuhiko Ichii / Director and Executive Corporate Officer in charge of Consumer Games Business

Identifying key issues and establishing Capcom's future vision within a rapidly changing market

- Would you mind sharing with us the future direction of Capcom's contents strategy?
The first thing we aim to do is to extend our existing brands to multiple platforms. The most important point here is selecting and providing the most appropriate contents catered to the different user segments of each platform. The next thing for us to do is challenge ourselves to produce new contents, such as "Dragon's Dogma". Existing brands like "Resident Evil", "Devil May Cry", and "Monster Hunter" are without a doubt some of our most precious assets, but we also need to channel our efforts into creating new brands brimming with originality.
- "Continually embracing new challenges" is the very essence of what Capcom does.
You're exactly right. Capcom was born out of an ambition to create new original contents and deliver quality games. No matter how big challenges may be, we need to be resolved to meet each and every one of them.
- Tell us about your focus for the domestic and international markets?
Our global strategy is to boost profits in every major market–namely the US, Europe, Japan, and Asia–by understanding the specific conditions and user needs of each region.
The Japanese market is said to be shrinking, but the success of "Monster Hunter" series proves that people always respond well to "entertaining" games. Regardless of the changes in the market environment, our mission should always be to focus on putting out even more fun and entertaining contents.
Looking at Europe and the US, we need to have a firm grasp on the market conditions of each region. I always tell our developers not to waste their time with armchair theories but actually go out and visit the regions in which our games will actually be sold. Experiencing the culture of that region for themselves will enable them to reflect those user needs within the games they make.
- I've heard that Capcom has been collaborating with developers outside Japan.
That's right. Working together with overseas developers firms is one of the areas we want to pursue. But we have to give careful consideration to which firms we work with. We can't restrict ourselves to any particular region, but rather remain true to our global approach and team up with excellent developers that can help us enhance the high quality of Capcom's lineup.
- In closing, I was wondering if you highlight the issues Capcom aims to address in the future?
Our two primary aims are to "elevate our brands" and "enhance our technological development and platform optimization."
In regards to the first aim, we’re continuing our efforts to expand our traditional brands. At the same time, we are seeking to create new contents that will lay the foundation for Capcom's future.
The other issue we need to address is technological development. It's important for us to stay at the top of the market, and be able to respond quickly to market changes and the new potential they create for a wide variety of platforms. I also think it's important to conduct thorough marketing research to identify what the users of each platform want, and develop games that cater to these needs. This will enable us to further widen the scope of our strategy for multi-platform expansion.
The structural reform within the company is still a work in progress, and there are still a number of issues we have to address. With energetic leaders at the helm, I'm looking for us to be constantly progressive as we work to establish organizational management that is not only flexible, but able to act quickly.
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