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Developer Interview 2011

08. Katsuhiko Ichii / Director and Executive Corporate Officer in charge of Consumer Games Business

Identifying future trends and making prior investments - Exhaustive research on basic technology to create new revenue opportunities.

- The structure of the development division has been given quite an overhaul this fiscal year. What kinds of changes have been made?
Under the new structure, we have combined the development sections for home video games, mobile contents, and PC online games into one organization. This is what I am in charge of now. The distinction between platforms is becoming more blurred, and the age in which game companies organize themselves along platform lines is quickly coming to an end. Knowledge, technology, and experience needs to be shared throughout the organization. In keeping with our “multi-platform strategy”, we need to consider every device as a gaming platform. As the ways in which people enjoy games become more and more diversified, we need to deliver contents perfectly adapted to these new media and platforms. In that regard, I believe the development of PC online games and mobile contents has merged with the development of contemporary home video games.
- Does this mean you’re going to get actively involved in these growing fields?
That's our intention, but we are not going to pursue separate individual strategies. In a greater sense, the concept of "multi-platform" extends to all fields covered by Capcom's game contents.
- Do you think "multi-platform" is technically feasible in a broad sense?
Since 2004 we've been working on a tool to help us realize our multi-platform strategy. That tool is MT FRAMEWORK, which is essentially our own integrated development environment, and one of our greatest strengths as a game company. By effectively utilizing MT FRAMEWORK, I believe that a multi-platform approach is feasible in a broader sense. We're currently heading into the next stage of further enhancing our efficiency in game development, from home video games to mobile and on-line contents.
- What specific things are you doing?
In the past we had multiple technology divisions, such as the Software Technology Division and the Research Office, conducting research on basic technology. These different groups have been combined and reorganized as a single technology division capable of remaining up to speed with the latest in cutting edge technology. We now have a process in place for transferring the various technologies created by our Technology Research and Development Department, such as MT FRAMEWORK, to each development team. Doing so enables us to transcend divisions and reinforce the technological capabilities of the entire company. Everyone's on the same page, sharing our business plans, objectives, and projected game lineup of the future.
- What essentially was the ultimate purpose of this large-scale organizational reform?
I consider it to be a preliminary investment that will allow us to go beyond platforms and share all the technologies we've developed, such as MT Framework. By making this investment, we'll be able to secure sources of revenue in the ever-changing market and maximize Capcom's market value.
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