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Developer Interview 2011

06. Masachika Kawata / Producer, Development Strategy and Support Consumer Games Development

Transforming the weight of history into new opportunities - Remaining true to Capcom's undaunted “can-do” spirit

- You were originally a designer of the development division. How exactly did you become involved with the "Resident Evil" series?
I first came on as a support member to lend a hand with the design elements for the PlayStation release of "Resident Evil 3 Nemesis" (September 1999), but it wasn't until I worked as a designer on the Game Cube release of "Resident Evil" (March 2002) that I officially become involved with the series. I haven't looked back since.
- You're currently working as the producer of "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City". How does this game compare to other titles in the "Resident Evil" series?
When people think of the Resident Evil series, the first thing that comes to mind is adventure-oriented horror game. We decided to aim for something different with "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City". This game is more of a third-person shooter (TPS), a genre that is particularly popular in the North American market.
- Is this the first time you've attempted to break into the TPS market?
That's right. This game marks our first attempt to create a TPS title to the "Resident Evil" series. Basically, this new game incorporates a system that allows players to freely move around and mow down enemies they encounter on the way.
The story of this game focuses on the events behind "the Raccoon City incident", which forms the premise for the entire series. Players will work their way through the story as one of the special operatives in Umbrella Security Service (USS), the organization portrayed as the enemy in the previous titles of the series.
- This is a definitely a side of story that hasn't been told yet. What inspired you to make such a radical change?
With a series like "Resident Evil", you always have to carry over the elements of the game that fans love in order to avoid betraying their expectations. At the same time, I wanted to expose more people to the fun of "Resident Evil", and thus felt we needed to give the series a new look by entering an area that was clearly new territory for us. There's definitely a lot of pressure carrying on and adding to the "Resident Evil" legacy developers have built up over the years. It's one of the difficulties we grapple with on a daily basis...
Still, I think the effort we put into making those aggressive changes has really paid off. We've succeeded in creating an attractive game that not only provides series fans with all the fun of a shooter, but also gives them fresh new experience. Newcomers to the series will also be able to experience what "Resident Evil" is all about.
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