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Developer Interview 2011

05. Hiroyuki Kobayashi / Deputy Head of Consumer Games Development

Massive new title has people inside and outside the company talking An entirely new product that aims to shatter the million mark

- What did you have a particular hard time dealing with as producer?
The cost aspect was quite a headache because this game is not only massive, but completely new. Getting people within the company to understand what we were aiming form was incredibly difficult. There were countless times I felt like giving up when I had trouble persuading others, but ultimately I got the consent of everyone at Capcom, including our American and European subsidiaries. This is probably the single most difficult title I have ever been in charge of. Looking back though, I feel that Capcom is the only place where these kinds of projects can happen. That's because we have a group of executives and developers who trust each other.
- What has the media response been like?
We first unveiled "Dragon's Dogma" to the press at "Captivate 2011", which was held in Miami this April. People were extremely surprised by the fact a Japanese company was attempting to create a Western style fantasy game. Another thing that caught the press by surprise was that players can edit their own character in "Dragon's Dogma", which is a clear departure from the likes of Dante in "Devil May Cry" and the other main characters in our past titles. People were also thoroughly impressed with the quality of the action in the game.
- The game also seemed to be a big hit at the recent "Tokyo Game Show 2011".
Yeah. We put out the first available demo in Japan at this past TGS, so that got a lot of people talking and gave them a chance to experience the game firsthand. All of our hard work seems to have paid off, for our game was one of the titles selected for the Future Award. That reinforced for me how excited people are about this title.
- What audience are you aiming at with this game?
We're mainly targeting hard core or fairly hard core gamers that already have a PS3 or Xbox 360, particularly those that like action games, RPGs, and roaming through vast open worlds. You can also play "Dragon's Dogma" as a simulation game, issuing commands to pawns in your party and formulating a strategy for working through the game.
- It's been a lot of fun talking with you about this exciting new game. To close this off would you mind providing us with one last comment?
"Dragon's Dogma" has definitely caught the notice of people inside and outside the company. We're doing everything we can to deliver the type of game you're looking for and create the next big thing at Capcom. Get ready to be blown away!
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