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Developer Interview 2011

05. Hiroyuki Kobayashi / Deputy Head of Consumer Games Development

An entirely new open world RPG with movie-like action sequences

- First off, I was wondering if you could tell us a little about "Dragon's Dogma".
"Dragon's Drama" is an all new form of action game, taking place in a vast open fantasy world of swords and magic that players are free to roam about. We're looking to release this game around the beginning of 2012.
- You said this is a fantasy game. What kind of story can we expect to unfold?
The story primarily follows the hero of our tale and the pawns that aid this character as they journey together through an expansive world. The game begins with a dragon viciously ripping out the heart of the main character, who is then brought back from the dead and asked to slay the dragon. It's a fairly orthodox adventure story that gradually develops as the hero solves various puzzles along the way. A nice aspect of this game are all the different story arcs, meaning that the choices you make determine how the story progresses.
- What exactly do you mean by "pawns"?
To put it simply, they're the friends of the main character. These NPCs (non-playable characters) are AI controlled and act on their own to support the hero. There are two different types: the "main pawn" you can create from the "Edit" menu, and the "support pawns" you can borrow from other players.
- What can you do in the "Edit" menu?
You can change the various details of both the main protagonist, your alter ego in the game, and the main pawn, such as their sex, skin color, height, weight, and age. The height and weight of the characters not only change the atmosphere of the game but also influence how it develops. We did this to allow players to create an experience that is all their own. There is also a wide selection of jobs, beginning with the three basic choices of fighter, strider, and mage, with the option to upgrade to more advanced types as you make your way through the game.s
- How do the different jobs affect the game?
There is a unique fighting style for each kind of job. Fighters have a sword and shield, giving them a fairly balanced fighting style that allows them to defend and attack. Striders wield daggers (knives) in both hands and carry a bow and arrows, making them better suited to long-distance attacks. The tactical aspect of the game also adds a whole new element of fun. The moves of each character differ by job, so we made it possible for players to switch up their party to better cope with the enemy they're facing.s
- Does the game have online play?
Accessing the network makes it possible to borrow pawns created by other players. There are also hundreds of ready-made pawns you can ask to join your party when playing offline.
- That sounds like a lot of fun. What other features of the game do you think players will enjoy?
The exhilarating action is what I feel really defines this game. When you come across a gigantic monster, you can do the types of things you see in an action movie, such as run around behind the monster or jump onto it with your party members and attack it. Another appealing aspect of this game is the freedom players are given to practically "do whatever they want". There are a number of other elements players will enjoy as well, like receiving advice from pawns controlled by their own unique AI. Pawns can be a source of great information, showing you an enemy's weak point or providing you with other useful hints. This type of interaction gives you the same sense of cooperative play you get online. Players that pick up this game will definitely notice the amount of work we put into the AI design.
- Dragon's Dogma is being developed for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. Are there any differences between the two console versions?
There's really no difference between the two. That's because we've streamlined our development process so that we can produce the same products for all the major consoles. I have no doubt players will experience the same level of fun no matter which console they play on.
- By the way, is there any special meaning behind the game's name?
I felt the name needed to have the word "dragon" because dragons are synonymous with the fantasy genre. We ended up settling on the name "Dragon's Dogma" because what the dragon teaches you is the underlying theme of the game.
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