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Developer Interview 2011

Yoshinori Ono / Deputy Head Consumer Games Development

Difficulty of meeting the expectations of existing fans while attracting newcomers to the series

- What is the thing you struggle with most as producer?
I am always torn between my belief in what is fun and the constant anxiety about whether the game we're making will actually be fun. These two feelings stay with me until the very end of the development process. I am well aware of the "birth pangs" that go with the development, so I want to do my best to keep our creators motivated while giving them as much advice as I can. Maintaining a healthy balance is really tough.
The fact that these two series have matured and been around for years means that fan expectations are really high. When we first announce "Street Fighter X Tekken," we received some harsh feedback from a few Tekken fans, with people saying "any version of Tekken made by Capcom is bound to be boring" or "Capcom's games are always trash". But we're putting all our efforts into producing a quality game. I got the feeling that all these fans changed their minds once they had chance to play the demo at the game shows.
- So you think this is a game fans of both series will enjoy.
Definitely. When people sit down to play this game, I don't want them to worry about whether it's "Tekken" or "Street Fighter", because the series doesn't matter. We haven't overhauled the system or introduced any new ways of playing. All we want is for fans to enjoy the two great series that have been brought up by them. It'd be great to see people that enjoyed the game on the Super Nintendo get back into the series. Ultimately I'm aiming to make a game that is easy to play and barrier-free.
- What is your plan for widening the fan base?
There's about two to three million people around the world that play fighting games. Naturally we've lowered the difficulty level of this in an effort to get new fans, just as we did when we released "Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition" for the Nintendo 3DS. That being said, Street Fighter is a series we at Capcom look to steadily release on regular basis. Thus I feel that the Street Fighter series needs to be a stable business capable of breaking the million mark in sales at any given time, selling up to two or three million copies each time a new title for the series is released. The mission of our team is to consistently offer something new in the series so that fans will keep coming back for the sequels.
- How do you intend to promote the product in the future?
Up until now we have exhibited a playable demo at various events around the world, such as in the US at E3 in June as well as Comic-con and EVO 2011 in July. We also showed off the demo in August at Gamescom in Germany, and in September at the Tokyo Game Show. As we move towards the release I plan to extend the scope of our promotional campaign to include Asia and other regions.
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