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Developer Interview 2011

Yoshinori Ono / Deputy Head Consumer Games Development

A partnership that redefines the very concept of

- Capcom and Namco coming together to produce "Street Fighter X Tekken" is quite an amazing feat. How did this collaboration come about?
Over the years a lot of fans have indicated they would love to see us team up with another game company and produce a collaborative work. In 2007 we released "Street Fighter IV", which marked the first new title in the Street Fighter series following a ten year hiatus. Thanks to this game we were able to reintroduce Street Fighter to people around the world. In addition to our game you have Tekken, which is another fighting game that has a long and storied track record. Looking at the future direction of the series, it''s important for us to "appreciate our fans" and "remain true to the spirit of fighting games". I felt that working with another company to make a game like this would really set fire to the genre and shake things up.
- Do you feel there is an overlap between the respective fan bases for Tekken and Street Fighter?
Not that much, because I feel that most fans are fairly dedicated to one series or the other. I hope this game helps people broaden their view and gets them into both series. Through this project both we and Namco are aiming to "expand the fighting game fan base".
- How do you guys communicate with each other during development?
We get in touch to share information prior to making an announcement, but for the most part we don''t share many of the details. We're reading the strategy guides and get some particular notes and advice about things to keep in mind, but we don''t share any of the character models or motion data. We don't even exchange any information about which characters will actually appear in the game.
Basically, there''s no point in developing a game separately if you''re constantly getting in each person''s way. For example, if we checked the work Namco had done on Ryu, we definitely want to tweak things ourselves. The same is true for Namco. There''s no point in mutually checking each other''s work, for it would diminish the individuality of each party. It has to be "Capcom does Tekken" and "Namco does Street Fighter". Both of our companies have been big players in the gaming industry for a long time. We respect and trust each other, and are genuinely looking forward to seeing the work put out by the other side. That''s why we promised to eliminate the mutual checks and pour our hearts into creating an amazing game, and to promote it in the best possible way.
- Going along with the "Capcom does Tekken" and "Namco does Street Fighter" concept you just described, Capcom is going to release "Street Fighter X Tekken" and Bandai Namco Games is going to release "Tekken X Street Fighter". What''s the difference between these games?
The aim of this project is not to compare the two and get one up on the other, but to build a foundation for the next ten years of fighting games. It''s not about seeing who''s better or worse, but about both companies putting out the best possible game they can make. In one way it''s like a big party, but at the same time there''s also this air of a friendly contest. We really hope the fans have blast with these two games. Harada-san at Namco is completely behind what we''ve done with "Street Fighter X Tekken", and I fully support their work on "Tekken X Street Fighter". If there was another Capcom title competing with it, I‘d do everything I could to boost the sales of "Tekken X Street Fighter" (laughs).
- I see. This is a little different from your normal "collaboration."
To me, this project represents the ideal form of collaboration. If everything is set up for only one party to benefit, the other will be taken advantage of. It is extremely important for each of us to utilize our strengths and establish a relationship that is mutual beneficial for both of us. Looking at the future of fighting games, it''s crucial for us to not only "enrich" this genre but "sustain" it. We hope this project will be the start of a great partnership that helps us find ways to further develop these two amazing series.
- Essentially it''s not a competition, but a collective effort to help ensure the future of the genre.
That''s right. Of course I'd love to see our game sell a lot. But like I said earlier, I feel it's pointless to compare the two titles and rate one above the other. Even if "Tekken X Street Fighter" were to ultimately sell more than our game, it wouldn''t be blow to Capcom. I look at it as a kind of risk hedge. We''re both on the same team. If one guy strikes out but the other hits a home run, the team still gets a run, right?
- You've shown off the game at some different various game exhibitions. How have fans responded?
I think people are really enjoying the "party" vibe of this collaborative project. Fans of both series are excited about having fights between characters that were previously impossible. This project seems to be transcending conventional boundaries and gaining the support of fans of both series. In addition, I feel our game is judged which set of characters come out on top the most, but is rated on its own merit as a "fighting" game.
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