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Developer Interview

Jun Takeuchi / Deputy Head of Consumer Games / R&D Division and General Manager of R&D Production Department

The bipolarization of the game market - The key to survival is being attuned to developments at home and abroad

- What direction do you think the game market will take in the future?
Looking ahead, I believe gamers are going to have a sharper eye and become even more selective. This will eliminate poorly made games from the market, and drive down the number of titles released. The market will no longer be one in which a new game grabs people's attention and interest.
- Interesting. What kind of titles will the market demand?
I think the demand will be characterized by trends that are polar opposites. One of these trends will be games that specifically target a small number of "hardcore gamers". The other trend will be popular, big name titles, such as "Resident Evil", that target a mass audience and focus on delivering a sense of entertainment. Either way, the important thing for us is to carefully cultivate the elements for both types of games in order to put out titles that people can enjoy playing for a long time.
- Lastly, I was wondering if you could share your ideas about development and training human resources in the future.
When it comes down to it, the key concept is being "globally minded". It's important not only to pay attention to the market here in Japan, but develop human resources that are capable of staying in tune with developments abroad, as well as using English fluently. Ten years ago, the Japanese market was large enough that we didn't need to worry about focusing on what was happening outside the country. But things have changed, and now it is important for us to consider how to develop the Japanese market in a way that enables us to secure a share of the Western market. To adapt to the recent changes in the gaming market, we must pay attention to developments in Japan and the West. We can't understand how these markets are different unless we know what is going on in both. Capcom will be a stronger company if each developer fully understands what gamers in the market expect and demand.
Capcom has a lot of great things in store for the future. We're always pushing ourselves, remaining true to the slogan that "if you stop, it's game over".
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