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Developer Interview

Jun Takeuchi / Deputy Head of Consumer Games / R&D Division and General Manager of R&D Production Department

Providing outside companies with MT Framework to boost development efficiency

- In addition to corporate reform, what kind of things are you doing together with outside developers?
Because the costs and amount of work involved have increased, it takes longer nowadays for products to hit the market. That's why being able to manage outside developers is important. If we can reduce costs by outsourcing part of the development process while maintaining the same level of quality, we must always consider outsourcing to be a necessary means for coping with the times.
If you look at the auto industry, car makers purchase all their parts from outside suppliers. There is a lot we can learn from different industries.
- You sometimes provide outside companies with MT Framework when you outsource tasks.
We use the independently-developed engine "MT Framework" to develop our titles. But if outside developers accumulate more know-how and skills, it makes it easier for us to work even closer together. We don't consider the framework to be something that is top secret, but rather are willing to let people use it if the situation demands it.
- Are there any risks involved in providing the company's core system to outside developers?
Of course there is. But that's the thing: if we don't take any risks, we won't gain anything. Naturally we closely monitor things to make sure that no information is leaked. If an outside company recognizes the advantages of using the MT Framework in development, then that is a company we feel we can build a steady relationship with as an important development partner. In addition, we're also exploring the possibilities of using developers, both domestic and those outside Japan, that are familiar with other development engines. Sharing information about game development with these partners is also beneficial.
- Do you feel the same thing applies for developers outside Japan?
Definitely. I think there are a lot of new things we can learn by teaming up with developers overseas. Past experiences have taught us the advantages and disadvantages of working with developers in other countries, in comparison to collaborating with other developers here in Japan.
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