Glossary – M

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Management business

Unlike sellout businesses selling package software to retailers, this business model earns revenue after software sales and digital distribution by developing timely updates based on user trends and events within games. This model is expected to bring in stable earnings compared to the sellout model.

Million seller

A million seller is a product that has sold or will sell at least one million units. Capcom defines a “Blockbuster” as a title with sales of at least one million units and markets these titles as “million sellers”.


Generating earnings from basic free services. In the Mobile and PC Online business, this means the distribution of additional content and items that generate revenue.

MT Framework

“MT Framework” is an integrated game development environment created by Capcom. In particular, this framework provides shared software development tools for about 80% of the development process for games used on the Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and PCs. Using this shared process greatly reduces game development expenses and cuts development time by two-thirds. In response to market needs, Capcom has made the MT Framework compatible with more types of consoles. Currently, the framework can also be used to develop games for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii and iPhone. “MT” stands for meta-tool, multi-thread, multi-target and other characteristics of this framework.


With the multi-platform approach, game content is supplied for a variety of platforms rather than only a single platform. This makes it possible to reach more people and reduce the time and cost needed to develop content. This is one of Capcom’s core strategies. Furthermore, Capcom uses its exclusive MT Framework, an integrated game development environment, to make the development process more efficient.