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COO's Message

We’re dedicated to being a digital content company that goes beyond games, propelled by both an enhanced digital strategy and our Single Content Multiple Usage approach - COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto

While there have been signs of improvement in the COVID-19 pandemic, as reflected by progress with vaccinations, the situation remains far from certain. Since 2020, our industry—and the world economy as a whole—has been greatly impacted by this; first and foremost, however, our priority has been the health and safety of our employees and their families, as well as those of our stakeholders. At the same time, we have exercised our originality and ingenuity in a variety of ways to address the changing market environment in order to actualize our growth strategy.

First, with our digital strategy in the Consumer field—which has been a pillar of the growth strategy we have been pursuing for these past 10 years—we have proactively executed pricing tactics for back catalog sales overall based on what we have verified regarding their link to new title launches and seasonal characteristics, while also making progress with the adoption of digital sales for new titles. As a result, we have not only achieved increased sales volumes, but also made advances in building data and experience for the future. With the major new titles we launched in the year 2021 as well, we have successfully garnered positive reviews and favorable sales after release by carrying out a thorough analysis of our customers’ needs in each country and region while building anticipation for the titles with a wide audience. Going forward, we will continue to take measures that utilize elements such as additional downloadable content with the aim of prolonging the life of our products.

Our Single Content Multiple Usage strategy aims to maximize brand revenue by leveraging our proprietary content in a variety of areas such as visual media and merchandise; we will further use it as a launchpad to success in expanding our customer demographics in step with the growth seen from digital sales. With the launch of Monster Hunter Rise in March 2021, we were able to realize major synergetic effects with activities such as coordinating the launch of the game with the domestic release of the live-action Hollywood adaptation of the series and the roll-out of licensed merchandise. We are focusing on endeavors such as theses, which blend digital with reality, as we believe that making efforts to closely embrace our customers’ needs with an entrepreneurial spirit will be the driver that powers our brands to soar beyond the realm of games.

Also playing a role in this is our eSports Business, which has the major advantage of being able to shift its events to the online space. In the 2020 fiscal year, we built experience in online operations for our events while working to communicate the appeal of esports to new audiences. Furthermore, in the 2021 fiscal year we have so far announced the adoption of a team-ownership system in our esports league, as well as participation from corporate sponsors and a collaboration with a major telecommunications carrier. Capcom is working to develop this business from a long-term perspective with the aim of delivering a new era of sports entertainment for the world to enjoy.

My vision for the shape of our company is one where both our digital and Single Content Multiple Usage strategies bear fruit, growing our content beyond games and into globally recognized brands, where we are a world-leading digital content company.

The 2021 fiscal year will be one of further challenges. In addition to advancements in our operations and game development, we are vigorously moving ahead with improvements to our business infrastructure and management division at a global scale. A post-COVID-19 world is still not clearly visible; however, the digital revolution continues to advance without stopping. We will endeavor to achieve long-term stable growth by more broadly expanding our game content into non-essential goods that straddle the worlds of digital and reality.

We ask for the continued guidance and support of our stakeholders as we move forward.

August 2021

Haruhiro Tsujimoto
President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)