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COO's Message

Building brand value by focusing efforts on esports and driving our digital strategy across the globe. - COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto

Following years of strategically driving forward "digital" as one of our primary growth pillars, last year was one that delivered substantial feedback. With Resident Evil 2 (released in January) and Devil May Cry 5 (released in March) we succeeded in maintaining suitable price levels throughout the year as a result of adopting pricing strategies for digital sales and utilizing sales data amassed over several years. Furthermore, cumulative sales of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the massive expansion to Monster Hunter: World, topped 4.5 million units following the launch of the PC version in January of this year, adding to the material sense that the digital strategy we have tested and advanced for years has now borne fruit.

Moving forward, we will expand our base of new customers worldwide while continuing to improve the satisfaction of existing fans by accelerating our use of downloadable content and ceaselessly improving our meticulous service, all in order to provide ever-more engrossing gameplay experiences.

Further, based on our Single Content Multiple Usage strategy, both Monster Hunter World: Iceborne XR WALK, a VR attraction planned for Universal Studios Japan, as well as the series’ first Hollywood film adaptation are in the works. Through leveraging our content into a wide variety of media we will drive revenue growth of our major franchises and build brand value globally.

In the realm of esports, which has garnered increasing attention of late, Capcom has been operating international-level events since 2014, with a focus in North America. We held our first official league matches for the Street Fighter League last year, both in Japan and overseas, booking encouraging ticket sales for its championship event which provided us with a first step toward monetizing esports.

Finally, in ramping up our domestic activities, we will work to build inroads and grow the player base through promotions integrated with localities, such as by forming regional teams in six cities across Japan, each comprised of participating businesses and pro players, with the aim of contributing to local revitalization.

We ask for the continued guidance and support of our stakeholders as we move forward.

February 2020

Haruhiro Tsujimoto
President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)