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A game series consists of number of titles based on the same content. This is also called a franchise. Capcom has created many very successful game franchises, including Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunters and others.

Single Content Multiple Usage

Single content multiple usage is a core Capcom strategy in which the company’s popular original content is used for home video games as well as for character merchandise, movies and many other uses in order to maximize earnings.


Smartphones are high-performance, multi-function cell phones that are similar to PCs and can access the Internet. Recent rapid progress with smartphone performance has made these devices a popular platform for playing games.

Social games

Social games are online games that are played with others by communicating over a network rather than alone. These games are provided over social networking services (SNS) and each game incorporates a link to its respective SNS. The popularity of social games is increasing rapidly on a global scale as people discover this new way to enjoy games.

Software (Home video games, consumer games)

Software refers to game content that is either incorporated in a game console or installed separately on a computer, cell phone or other device. Software is sold mainly in packages or through Internet downloads.

Spin-off titles

A title in a game series that, rather than being a pure sequel, uses selected components of the game to create a side story or other new element.

Standing console

Refers to game console hardware that is set up in a fixed location, usually connected to a TV or monitor.