Glossary – G

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Game content

Game content encompasses game software along with the game’s characters, music, images and all other components. This is also called digital content when the content is stored digitally using an intangible format rather than on a physical object such as a disk.

Game creator (planner, designer, sound creator, programmer)

These are all terms of individuals engaged in the development of game content. Game creation is divided into many tasks. For example, planners create game plans, designers create designs for characters, background scenery and other elements, sound creators create all of a game’s sounds, and programmers write the game’s software.

Game genre

The genre refers to the category to which a game belongs and how the game is played. Major examples of game genre are action, fighting, adventure and role playing.

Game literacy education

This education includes lessons about ethics and associated subjects so that children can enjoy video games in a sound manner based on a proper understanding of these games. To fulfill its obligations to society, Capcom is well aware of its responsibility to help educate children and to support the educational activities of teachers and guardians. As part of these activities, Capcom sends instructors to give lessons at schools and gives tours of company facilities to students.