Glossary – C

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When user movement between different genres, such as home video games, online games and mobile games, causes erosion and competition in the market.

Casual users

Beginning game players who usually do not play video games for a long time.


The Computer Entertainment Rating Organization, which is a non-profit organization located in Japan, issues age-appropriateness ratings for computer games as the selection of these games becomes more diverse along with the increasing popularity of computer entertainment. These ratings provide information that is required to select game software. The objectives are to contribute to the sound development of young people and to maintain a proper level of social ethical standards. (from CERO website) Capcom receives a CERO rating before launching new home video game titles.


The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association supports the advancement of the computer entertainment industry by performing studies of the industry as well as research, promotional, educational and other activities. The objectives are to contribute to the sound development of the computer entertainment industry in Japan and to enriching the lives of the Japanese public. (from CERO website)

Consumer (Consumer business)

This is the collective designation for Package Games and digital download contents (DLC). These are games for stationary consoles.

Core users (heavy users)

Core users are people who are very knowledgeable about video games and have become experts regarding specific games by playing these games for a long time.