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Management Plan

(as of May 12, 2020)

The business environment surrounding the game industry is continually changing. Along with setting a medium-term management goal of increasing operating income each fiscal year through building up a stable earnings foundation, we have established specific initiatives to accelerate future business growth.

Mid-Term Plan

Management goals:

  • Annual OP growth of 10%, based on a stable earnings foundation

Course of action:

  • Grow stably while building avenues for future growth
  • Focusing on broadening global expansion and increasing our customer base

Medium-Term Goals Going Forward

Medium-to Long-Term Growth Image

Important Themes for FY2020

  • Consumer Business: Aim for new record of 28 million units in sales
    • Promote digital strategy via expansion of sales regions and flexible pricing
    • Aim to release multiple major titles
    • Pursue ongoing sales for major titles from past years
  • Other Businesses: Grow licensing revenue and eSports business
    • Build presence as an IP company by strengthening licensing revenue
    • Broaden esports base via online league play in Japan and overseas

Financial Results for FY ended March 2020

  • Net Sales: 81,591 million yen (18.4% Down from the previous fiscal year)
  • Operating Income: 22,827 million yen(25.8% UP from the previous fiscal year)
  • Net Income Attributable to Owners of the Parent: 15,949 million yen(27.1% UP from the previous fiscal year)
  • Operating Margins: 28.0%(9.9 point UP from the previous fiscal year)

For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, net sales were 81,591 million yen (down 18.4% from the previous fiscal year). The decrease in net sales was partially due to the shift from physical package sales to digital sales for game software. Profit improved at all levels due to the contribution of the hit title Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, primarily sold digitally, accompanying an increase in the ratio of highly profitable digital sales within catalog title sales.

Specifically, operating income was 22,827 million yen (up 25.8% from the previous fiscal year), ordinary income was 22,957 million yen (up 26.2% from the previous fiscal year), and net income attributable to the owners of the parent was 15,949 million yen (up 27.1% from the previous fiscal year).

As such, operating profit increased for the seventh consecutive year, and we achieved our third consecutive year of record-high profit at all levels in company history.

Net sales

Image: Net sales

Operating income, Operating Margin

Image: Operating income, Operating Margin

Net income attributable to owners of the parent

Image: Net income attributable to owners of the parent

Primary Factors for Profit Growth

Factor 1: Released major new title primarily on highly-profitable digital format

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne shipped 5 million units, Digital sales ratio 76.8% Up 23.points YoY

Factor 2: Digital sales grew for catalog titles via strategic pricing initiatives

Monster Hunter: World Cumulative shipments: 15.5 million units,  Resident Evil 2 Cumulative shipments: 6.5 million units