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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Social Dimension of CSR Activities

Capcom is committed to serving as a responsible and trusted member of society. In addition to continuing to promote employee diversity as and training, we utilize our popular game characters to contribute to community revitalization and crime prevention.

Relationship with Employees

Promotion of Diversity

Initiatives aimed at promoting the improvement of the work environment for women and proactively hiring non-Japanese

Capcom is currently engaged in initiatives aimed at improving thework environment for women and proactively hiring Non-Japanese.

Improving the Work Environment for Women

(1) Paid Leave and Shortened Working Hours

Capcom has established systems enabling women to take a leave of absence before and after giving birth, childcare leave and shortened working hours, and is promoting their use. Utilization of the childcare leave system in fiscal 2018 is outlined below.

Childcare leave utilization and rates of returning to work

  FY2018 FY2017
Employees utilizing childcare leave 33 people (including 12 men)
*Utilization among women:100%
25 people (including 6 men)
*Utilization among women:100%
% Returned to work
*Excludes those still on leave
96.0% (32 people)
96.0% (25 people)

Number of Female Managers and Ratio of Female Employees (Capcom Co., Ltd.)


Despite it being said that Japan’s gaming industry is generally dominated by men, women account for roughly 21% of Capcom’s workforce, and 24 (9.4%) of Capcom’s managers are women.

(2) General Employer Action Plan

Further, based on the "Act for the Promotion of Women's Success," in 2016 Capcom drew up a "General Employer Action Plan" with 5-year goals set to be achieved by the end of fiscal 2021.

General Employer Action Plan Goals

1) Women comprising no less than 20% of regular employees

2) Women in no less than 15% of management positions

Proactively hiring non-Japanese

In terms of the proactive employment of non-Japanese individuals, Capcom is making efforts to strengthen overseas expansion capabilities including creating an English hiring website. We currently employ 149 non-Japanese workers (representing 5.6% of our employees). Going forward, we will create a system for improving motivation in an attempt to increase the ratio of foreign employees, including support for career advancement and the promotion of non-Japanese individuals to management positions.

Number and Ratio of Foreign Employees (Capcom co., Ltd.)

Number and Ratio of Foreign Employees (Capcom co., Ltd.)

Providing a Pleasant Workplace

Promoting work-life balance

Creating entertainment culture requires that creators themselves make time for play.

At Capcom, we have established Paid Leave Promotion Days and encourage employees to take extended leave to refresh and look for new sources of inspiration during the year-end/New Year’s holidays as well as during the series of holidays in May. Additionally, we have built a four-story bicycle parking facility near our development studio and encourage our employees to live within a five-kilometer radius to shorten commuting times. This saves time and living costs while ensuring that creators have the free time necessary to cultivate their creative powers and imaginations, which is essential for creative work. Moreover, we opened "Capcom Juku" as an on-site daycare facility in April 2017 to provide a stable workplace environment for creators. As it is located close to work, it provides peace of mind for employees who are married or have children, and has been well-received by those who have utilized it.

Capcom Juku Providing an environment for vibrant childcare combining day care and education

Given the desire to quickly improve the issue of long day care waiting lists accompanying a lack of preschools, Capcom’s top management set its sights on the future and wanted to provide an environment in which employees can raise their children with peace of mind while remaining employed over the long term. We opened Capcom Juku in April 2017, aiming to add individual education and growth to standard day care for children. Capcom Juku goes beyond caring for infants and preschool children and accepts a wide range of youth, including after-school kindergarten and elementary school students. This helps employees avoid the stress of not being able to find open facilities for their children.

Furthermore, by offering educational support in the form of a place for learning English, eurhythmics, math, science, and other subjects, Capcom Juku joins its efforts with employees and fosters the growth of children. Currently, as of March 31, 2019, the school takes care of 25 preschool children a month and accepts as many as 25 temporary pupils a month.

Going forward, plans are in place to accept after-school students from nearby elementary schools, to add further convenience for working employees. Capcom Juku also offers Spring School and Summer School with classes taught by employee instructors when standard schools are closed for seasonal breaks.

At the Spring School held in March 2019, there were hands-on classes taught by employee instructors on programming, as well as motion capture, for creating game animations that incorporate human movement. Outside instructors were also invited for painting, English, and other classes.

Additionally, students were able to eat lunch with their parents in the employee cafeteria, which was an opportunity for encouraging parent-child communication.

In the future, we will create a learning atmosphere at Capcom Juku that stimulates and broadens children’s curiosity, while also striving for an environment where parents can work with peace of mind so that both they and their families can lead fulfilling lives.

Supporting employees’ health management

The employee cafeteria was renovated in 2016 when the new development studio was completed. Healthy meals are served for breakfast, lunch, and supper. There is also a massage room staffed by nationally-certified massage therapists at both the Tokyo and Osaka locations to support our employees in maintaining their health.

Fulfilling employee potential in a cutting-edge environment

The biggest motivation for developers working in a creative field such as games is access to an environment that allows them to make their visions a reality. Capcom maintains a cutting-edge development environment that includes 3D scanners, a motion capture studio, a dynamic sound mixing stage, and a Foley stage. In this way, we support our creators in fullfilling their potential.