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Corporate Governance

Shareholders and investors have made the practical and effective functioning of internal control into a key issue amidst an epidemic of corporate misconduct in Japan and overseas. In this section, Capcom will explain the corporate governance structure and systems that it has initiated so far based on the key concepts of "effectiveness and visibility" in terms of the results of third party assessment.

(Assessment areas are highlighted in yellow.)

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(as of May 19, 2020)

Reinforcement of information security

Measures against various cyber risks both in Japan and overseas, including the prevention of information leaks and compliance with the E.U.'s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have become crucial in light of the importance of personal information management systems in recent years. As a part of these measures, the Company is reinforcing its information security system through the hiring of expert personnel, human resources development, thorough in-house training and regular checks, to prevent cyberattacks, including computer viruses and unauthorized access that would debilitate information systems and cause turmoil.