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CEO's Message

We’re contributing to building a richer society by providing the world with superior content while our lives undergo a digital shift - CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto

This year in 2021, the world continues to confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning with the healthcare workers, I would like to express the respect I have for all those who stand on the front lines. Further, I believe that the wisdom of humanity will eventually overcome this dire situation. For our part, we remain committed to helping solve the issues faced by society, working to deliver the best content so as to provide some relief to the everyday lives of people.

At Capcom, we have long made stronger digital sales a core part of our growth strategy. Since last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought serious repercussions to all aspects of our lives, including to the production, distribution, and consumption of real-world goods; to say our business was not affected would be untrue. However, having judged that our lives would undergo a dramatic digital shift in this moment, by maintaining an open mind with each matter we drive forward, we have been able to provide a rich collection of game series, including not only new titles but also past games built up over 35 years, to achieve our highest sales volume in company history. In the more than 200 countries and regions in which we provide our titles, we have over 300 different content assets available to enjoy at all times.

By endeavoring to satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders in this way, we have achieved the highest level of business results in company history and our market capitalization has continued to grow each year. This achievement is a result of not only our growth, but also the increased status that entertainment holds in terms of societal value, as despite entertainment not being one of the so-called daily necessities, it provides both the comfort and strength essential for people to continue moving forward in their lives.

Looking to the world beyond COVID-19, in the coming 10 and 20 years, I see the world undergoing changes on a scale of five or ten times those that occurred over the same span of time before now. Amidst an accelerating digital transformation spurred on by advancements in the practical application of 5G in various industries, we are likely to see an era in which everything changes, from the environments in which we live to the way we perceive the world. When it comes to addressing new technologies and fields, Capcom is ceaselessly carrying out cutting-edge research and development with a global mindset while maintaining a long-term focus on our environment.

Capcom is nearing its 40th year. With our original, globally-recognized game content as a foundation we have broadened the support we receive from fans by expanding beyond the scope of games, developing our series into brands by leveraging them in Hollywood film adaptations and other visual media, in addition to the growth of esports. In considering this position, among those businesses undergoing digital transformation, I believe we must aim to be a leading company for entertainment in the digital world. In order to realize that objective, it will be essential to see just how adaptable to change we can be, nourished by the insight and technologies we have cultivated, while following our motto of originality and ingenuity. All of Capcom is committed to forging onward over the next 10 years in order to build an organization befitting the digital age.

We humbly ask our stakeholders for their continued support as we pursue the creation of new value.

August 2021

Kenzo Tsujimoto
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)