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End of Year Results | Mid-Term Plan

The business environment surrounding the game industry is continually changing. Along with setting a medium-term management goal of increasing operating income each fiscal year through building up a stable earnings foundation, we have established specific initiatives to accelerate future business growth.

Financial Results for FY ended March 2023

Net Sales

125,930 million yen

from the previous fiscal year

Operating Income

50,812 million yen

from the previous fiscal year

Net Income
Attributable to
Owners of the Parent

36,737 million yen

from the previous fiscal year

Operating Margins


1.3point UP
from the previous fiscal year

During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, Capcom’s core Digital Contents business delivered annual sales of 41.7 million units for its home video game software, marking a year-over-year increase. The company achieved this with the release of major new titles in its flagship series, including Resident Evil 4 and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, as well as through pursuing catalog title sales digitally. Further, the company expanded earnings by leveraging these major brands in movies, character merchandise, and eSports, while promoting efficient operations at stores and new store formats in its Arcade Operations business, and utilizing its IP in its Amusement Equipments businesses. As a result, Capcom achieved record-high net sales, the sixth consecutive year of record-high profit at all levels, and its tenth consecutive year of operating income growth.

Net Sales

Operating income, Operating Margin

Net income attributable to owners of the parent

Primary Factors for Sales and Profits Growth


Launched new titles in major brands

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
released on June 30, 2022

Resident Evil 4
released on March 24, 2023


Long-term catalog title sales growth via pricing strategies

FY2022 Top Title Unit Sales

(10 thousand units)

Title FY22 Lifetime
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak 545


Resident Evil 4 375 375
Monter Hunter Rise 370 1,270
Resident Evil 2 225 1,190
Resident Evil 3 195 705
Resident Evil 7 biohazard 120 1,205