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Corporate Officers

(as of September 1, 2021)

With the introduction of a Corporate Officer System, we aim to establish a clear distinction between the Board of Directors, who dictate management policy, and the corporate officers, who execute business operations, thus facilitating faster decision-making and more flexible execution of operations.

Corporate Officers

Photo : Motohide Imaizumi Managing Corporate Officer
Motohide Imaizumi
Head of Arcade Operations Business Division
Photo : Jun Takeuchi Managing Corporate Officer
Jun Takeuchi
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 1 and
Head of Technical Research Division
Photo : Nobuyuki Matsushima Managing Corporate Officer
Nobuyuki Matsushima
Head of R&D Management Division
Photo : Ryozo Tsujimoto Managing Corporate Officer
Ryozo Tsujimoto
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 2
Photo : Koji Yokota Managing Corporate Officer
Koji Yokota
Head of Administration Division
Photo : Yoshinori Ishida Managing Corporate Officer
Yoshinori Ishida

Head of Global Business Division

Photo : Nariyuki Nobuyama Corporate Officer
Nariyuki Nobuyama
Head of Consumer Games Production Division
Photo : Satoshi Arai Corporate Officer
Satoshi Arai
Head of PS Business Division
Corporate Officer
Yoshinobu Sasahara
General Manager of Corporate Planning Department
photo Corporate Officer
Shutaro Kobayashi
General Manager of Quality Control Department