March 18, 2009
Press Release

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Capcom’s Devil May Cry Series Hits the Ten Million Mark!
- Stylish franchise remains successful within various entertainment industries thanks to its world-wide appeal -

 Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is proud to announce that the Devil May Cry series has officially shipped 10 million copies worldwide.

 The Devil May Cry series consists of popular stylish action games that are known for their unique characters and smooth controls. The first game in the series was released in 2001, and became an instant classic in the video game world due to its mesmerizing graphics. Since then, the series has rocketed to the 10 million copies shipped mark in record time.

 Devil May Cry 4 was released for the current generation of systems in 2008. It fully utilizes the powerful capabilites of the systems to present outstanding graphics that has helped to keep the series on the leading edge of video game technology. The change of main characters opened the door for new players to try their hand at the series, leading to series record breaking sales of 2.2 million copies, despite being released early in the life cycle of the current generation of systems.

  Devil May Cry 4 has been highly praised as not only a video game, but as a piece of art as well. It recieved an award for excellence at the Japan Game Awards 2008, and was selected as an entertainment division jury recommended work at the 2008 Japan Media Arts Festival.

  Capcom is applying the brand power of the Devil May Cry series to various other forms of entertainment, such as comics, novels, action figures, and anime. This has lead the franchise to be the frontrunner of Capcom’s “Single Contents Multiple Usage” strategy, contributing greatly to the company’s profits. Aside from the announcement of a Blu-ray release of the Devil May Cry anime today at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009, Capcom plans to continue developing more franchise releated products.



【Product Details】
1. Series NameDevil May Cry
2. GenreStylish Action
3. Releases ・Video Game Consoles: 11 Titles
・Comics: Devil May Cry 3
・Anime: Devil May Cry
・Novels: Devil May Cry (expected release date: April 1, 2009)



Devil May Cry 4 Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

Devil May Cry Anime
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