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Analysts' Evaluation

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Analysts' Consensus

(as of September 17, 2019)

This page shows the consensus of securities analysts as compiled by IFIS Japan Limited. A consensus is the average of all forecasts by analysts for a particular company. Graphs and tables compare Capcom's forecasts with the consensus of analysts. This information is presented with the permission of IFIS Japan.


Analysts' Consensus for FY ending March 31, 2020

(Millions of Yen)
  Average High Low Capcom's Forecast
Net Sales 90,905 98,000 79,300 85,000
Operating Income 22,730 27,000 21,000 20,000
Net Profit 15,646 18,400 14,200 14,000
Earnings per Share 146.05 172.40


Target Price 3,017 3,600 2,390 -

The information here is prepared by IFIS Japan Limited in a manner that we consider accurate and reliable. The information is subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate, complete, timely as it could be intercepted, corrupted, destroyed or lost. The information is provided solely on informational purposes and we are not soliciting any action to buy, to sell for any financial product based upon it. Investment decisions must be made on investors own discretion and IFIS Japan Ltd. is not held liable, responsible for any direct and indirect losses, damages related to the information. All intellectual property rights and copyrights are reserved to IFIS Japan Ltd. and its information providers. The information must not be copied, duplicated, redistributed or quoted without prior written consent of IFIS Japan Ltd.

Analyst List

(as of August 2, 2019)

Presented here are the investment ratings that securities analysts have established for Capcom. In general, these ratings are comparative evaluations that are based on whether or not a particular stock is expected to outperform a benchmark, such as TOPIX or an industry average, over a six to 12-month period. Since ratings are different for each securities company, please contact securities companies to obtain the precise definitions of their ratings.

Company Analyst Rating
Ace Research Institute Co., Ltd. Hideki Yasuda 中立
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. Eiji Maeda 1
Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited Hanako Takahashi
Keiichi Yoneshima
Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. Masaru Sugiyama 買い
Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.

Minami Munakata


JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd.

Haruka Mori


Jefferies Singapore Limited Atul Goyal Hold
Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. Takao Suzuki 中立
Tokai Tokyo Research Center Co.,Ltd. Satoshi Kurihara Neutral
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Takeshi Koyama Buy
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. Hirotoshi Murakami Neutral
Rakuten Securities, Inc. Yasuo Imanaka A

(in no particular order)


  1. This page shows our stock's ratings in accordance with analysts' valuations. The ratings indicated to Capcom's common stock were interpreted by us for simple comparison purposes as those of the securities companies may differ.
  2. This page is not an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell securities. These ratings are as of the date described above, please note that the ratings are changed without prior announcement.
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