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Shareholders' Meeting

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(as of July 2, 2019)

This page contains the shareholders meeting notice, shareholders meeting report and resolution notice concerning resolutions that have been approved, all of which are sent to shareholders pursuant to Article 299 of the Corporation Law. In accordance with Article 299, the directors must, as a rule, send the shareholders meeting notice no later than two weeks before the day of the shareholders meeting.

The 40th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Date and Time June 17, 2019 (Monday) at 10:00 a.m.
Place Osaka Castle Hotel, 6F Hall
1-1, Tenmabashikyomachi Chuo-ku, Osaka
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Shareholders' Meeting Resolutions

The following presents the number of votes in favor, opposed or abstained for the matters to be resolved at the year ended March 31, 2019, general shareholders' meeting, the requirements for the resolutions to be passed and the results of voting.

Resolutions Approval Votes Votes Opposed Abstained Votes Approval Rate (%) Voting Results
First proposal:
Proposed Appropriation of Retained Earnings
895,445 313 184 99.34 Approved
Second proposal:
Partial Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
895,522 236 184 99.35 Approved
Third proposal:
Election of Eight(8) Directors(excluding Directors who are members of the Audit and Supervisory Committee)
  Kenzo Tsujimoto 845,846 40,938 9,157 93.84 Approved
  Haruhiro Tsujimoto 876,376 19,382 184 97.22 Approved
  Yoichi Egawa 886,297 9,461 184 98.32 Approved
  Kenkichi Nomura 870,816 24,942 184 96.61 Approved
  Kunio Neo 886,234 9,524 184 98.32 Approved
  Masao Sato 891,191 4,567 184 98.87 Approved
  Toru Muranaka 890,414 5,344 184 98.78 Approved
  Yutaka Mizukoshi 889,976 5,782 184 98.73 Approved

Notes: Conditions for each proposal to be passed

  • (1) For the first proposal, the approval of a majority of shareholders in attendance.
  • (2) For the second proposal, at least one-third of the company's shareholders with voting rights are in attendance and at least two-thirds of the said shareholders in attendance approve.
  • (3) For the third proposal, at least one-third of the company's shareholders with voting rights are in attendance and a majority of the said shareholders in attendance approve.
  • (4) The approval percentage is calculated as follows:
    Approval percentage = Number of votes in approval (votes exercised prior to the meeting + a portion of shareholders in attendance on the day of the meeting) ÷ Number of votes (votes exercised prior to the meeting + shareholders in attendance on the day of the meeting)
  • The reason why a portion of the voting rights of shareholders in attendance were not added to the total number of voting rights:
    The total confirmed number of votes in approval from the votes exercised prior to the meeting and a portion of the shareholders in attendance on the day of the meeting fulfilled the requirements for each proposal. As a result, the number of voting rights for which confirmation was not made in terms of approval, opposition or abstention from shareholders in attendance on the day of the meeting were not counted because the proposals were legitimately approved in accordance with the Companies Act of Japan.

Question and Answer Summary

Last year Capcom released the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle. Did this title achieve its sales budget?

While we have not disclosed the unit sales for this title, it has performed well.

Warriors of Fate was included in this collection. Have you considered rereleasing the previous title, Dynasty Wars?

Due to copyright-related issues, we currently have no plans to rerelease Dynasty Wars.

Is Capcom Net Catcher Cap Tore profitable? What is your outlook on this?

Service for Capcom Net Catcher Cap Tore began in November of last year, and it is currently performing well, with over 50 thousand registered users.

In the past, Capcom offered shareholder incentives. I would like to request these be reinstated.

Our dividend is our highest priority in giving back to shareholders. In addition, we actively buyback shares with an eye toward improving our value per share. We hope that you understand that our basic policy for providing shareholder returns is first and foremost through our dividend.

Are you considering any measures for reducing plastic waste?

Not only are we engaged in the reduction of plastic waste, but we are also conserving energy through measures such as switching all our lighting to LED lights. Further, with the spread of digital download sales, as opposed to the traditional physical sales of the past, we are working toward an overall reduction in our ecological footprint.

Tell me your thoughts regarding the impact of the U.S.-China trade war.

We do not expect any direct, significant impact. We will continue to monitor the situation and act appropriately.

I first became a shareholder after an article in the evening edition of The Nikkei sparked my interest. In other industries, posting record profit usually causes the stock price to jump higher; is this a characteristic of the game industry?

Compared to five years ago, both revenue and our stock price have increased twofold. We believe that our stock represents a stable asset for our long-term shareholders. Last year, we performed a 2-1 stock split, and the share price has returned to pre-split levels, meaning that its value has doubled. We ask that you look at us with a long-term view of investment.

What specific activities are you engaged in to bolster your development structure?

In response to exacting quality requirements and the larger scale of game development recently, over the past five years we have hired approximately 700 developers, augmenting our development structure by utilizing proprietary tools such as the RE Engine on multi-platform game creation, and building out an environment conducive to large-scale development.

Osaka is both the planned site of Expo 2025 and is being considered as a site for Integrated Resorts. Please tell me of any related opportunities or ongoing activities.

We have absolutely no plans to be involved with Integrated Resorts, stemming from issues surrounding casinos, including gambling. Further, there is nothing we can share regarding Expo 2025 at this time.

My son is a fervent online game player but says that Capcom's graphics are unsophisticated. Please do something about this.

Thank you, we deeply value your opinion. In recent years, with the shift to a digital world, we have become able to collect feedback from players in a manner of different ways. Further, prior to release we carry out repeated player testing, implementing feedback to the greatest possible degree. Going forward, we will continue to work to create games that spark enjoyment and garner praise, and as such request your continued support.

Regarding Arcade Operations, when my son was younger, arcade trading-card games were popular, generating long lines to play. I would really like to see a comeback for arcades as a family entertainment option. I want you to invent an explosive, hit arcade machine.

We are focused on creating content that resonates across the globe in our Digital Contents business, which represents our core strength. Currently, we see Arcade Operations as a touch point for our end-users and are working to build facilities where customers can enjoy the world of Capcom. In line with this, we are considering a number of events to attract various demographics to our stores, including demos of our new Monster Hunter title (Monster Hunter World: Iceborne) during this summer vacation, and speaking events featuring our producers. During the course of this, if we find an idea that we can develop into a machine that players will enjoy, we will give it keen consideration.

Have you provided any gifts for shareholders today? I want some original Capcom merchandise.

This response is similar to what we conveyed regarding shareholder incentives, however we have decided that for the sake of fairness we do not provide gifts at this meeting. We will endeavor to provide returns to shareholders by growing the share price and paying dividends.

Past Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Please see "Past Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders" for the details of past shareholders meetings.

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