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Shareholders' Meeting

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(as of June 14, 2017)

This page contains the shareholders meeting notice, shareholders meeting report and resolution notice concerning resolutions that have been approved, all of which are sent to shareholders pursuant to Article 299 of the Corporation Law. In accordance with Article 299, the directors must, as a rule, send the shareholders meeting notice no later than two weeks before the day of the shareholders meeting.

The 38th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Date and Time June 9, 2017 (Friday) at 10:00 a.m.
Place Osaka Castle Hotel, 6F Hall
1-1, Tenmabashikyomachi Chuo-ku, Osaka
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Shareholders' Meeting Resolutions

The following presents the number of votes in favor, opposed or abstained for the matters to be resolved at the year ended March 31, 2017, general shareholders' meeting, the requirements for the resolutions to be passed and the results of voting.

Resolutions Approval Votes Votes Opposed Abstained Votes Approval Rate (%) Voting Results
First proposal:
Proposed Appropriation of Retained Earnings
427,280 3,502 0 97.75 Approved
Second proposal:
Election of Seven (7) Directors (excluding Directors who are members of the audit and supervisory committee)
  Kenzo Tsujimoto 427,328 3,448 0 97.76 Approved
  Haruhiro Tsujimoto 427,328 3,448 0 97.76 Approved
  Yoichi Egawa 427,773 3,003 0 97.86 Approved
  Kenkichi Nomura 427,558 3,218 0 97.81 Approved
  Hiroshi Yasuda 425,013 5,764 0 97.23 Approved
  Masao Sato 430,165 612 0 98.41 Approved
  Toru Muranaka 408,304 22,473 0 93.41 Approved

Notes: Conditions for each proposal to be passed

  • (1) For the first proposal, the approval of a majority of shareholders in attendance.
  • (2) For the second proposal, at least one-third of the company's shareholders with voting rights are in attendance and a majority of the said shareholders in attendance approve.
  • (3) The approval percentage is calculated as follows:
    Approval percentage = Number of votes in approval (votes exercised prior to the meeting + a portion of shareholders in attendance on the day of the meeting) ÷ Number of votes (votes exercised prior to the meeting + shareholders in attendance on the day of the meeting)
  • The reason why a portion of the voting rights of shareholders in attendance were not added to the total number of voting rights:
    The total confirmed number of votes in approval from the votes exercised prior to the meeting and a portion of the shareholders in attendance on the day of the meeting fulfilled the requirements for each proposal. As a result, the number of voting rights for which confirmation was not made in terms of approval, opposition or abstention from shareholders in attendance on the day of the meeting were not counted because the proposals were legitimately approved in accordance with the Companies Act of Japan.

Question and Answer Summary

Tell me about future expansion into mobile.

Currently, we have yet to produce results comparable to our competitors in the industry with regards to free-to-play social games. Going forward, we will focus efforts on new business expansion, integrating our marketing, development and operations divisions.

What effect did last year's revision to the Entertainment and Amusement Trades Rationalizing Act have on the Arcade Operations business?

The effect on this business has been positive, as the revisions in June of last year relaxed restrictions on minors entering facilities.

Tell me about the current situation for Legend Baseball.

We acquired the rights to sell this title domestically from another company. We are working towards launch, and are currently carrying out location tests for the title.

What is your evaluation of the Nintendo Switch?

We are aware that the Nintendo Switch has been very well received, and the week before last, we released Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers for this platform. Further, we have announced that we will release Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Nintendo Switch Ver. in August, which has garnered positive interest and high expectations from our users.

Recently, ROE has tended to be regarded as an important stock price indicator. What are your ROE targets for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018 as well as three years in the future?

We are forecasting ROE of 12.2% in our March 31, 2018 guidance. However, while we are aiming for operating income growth each year as our medium-term target, we have not set a specific ROE target for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021.

Are you going to release new titles from popular series such as Onimusha and Devil May Cry?

We are aware of the many needs of our users, and while there are limits to our development human resources, we are currently working to bolster our workforce. Once we have firmed up our development structure, we will approach the matter with a positive outlook.

Going forward, will you continue to pay a 50-yen dividend, which represents a 10-yen increase?

As our basic policy, we endeavor to provide a stable dividend with a consolidated payout ratio of 30%. However, we will raise the matter of the annual dividend amount at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, after giving due consideration to factors such as our business performance and the opinions of all of our shareholders.

New genres of games for smartphones that utilize features such as GPS or link up with crane games have appeared on the market. How is Capcom approaching this?

Our priority issue with regards to smartphones is to create hit social games, and we are promoting strategies and measures to do so.

In the previous fiscal year, you launched Resident Evil 7 biohazard (RE 7, below), which featured PlayStation VR support; what are you now developing for VR and what are your plans for it going forward?

For VR content, we have launched both RE 7, a home console title that featured PlayStation VR support, and Daikaijyu Capdon, a title in our Arcade Operations business. At the moment, we are unable to share anything specific, however as part of our business strategy going forward we are continuing development in this area.

Please consider a shareholder benefits program.

Thank you. We value your opinion and will consider it going forward.

Past Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Please see "Past Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders" for the details of past shareholders meetings.

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