November 4, 2008
Press Release

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Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President and COO
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Capcom Web Site Ranked Fourth among Sites of All Publicly Owned
- Capcom site places first in “ease of understanding” category -

 Capcom Co., Ltd. placed fourth in the “Fiscal 2008 Listed Company Web Site Quality Ranking” compiled by Nikko IR Co., Ltd.

 The Nikko IR Web site ranking was based on an evaluation of the sites of all 3,920 publicly owned companies in Japan. The evaluation covered 117 items involving investors’ needs in three categories: ease of understanding, ease of use and volume of information. Many organizations recognize the reliability of data used for the Nikko IR ranking. For example, this ranking is incorporated in the “Disclosure and Internet Quality” indicator of NEEDS-Cges, the corporate governance evaluation system of Nikkei Digital Media, Inc.

 The Capcom Web site received very high marks in the fiscal 2008 survey, placing fourth overall and first in the “ease of understanding” category.

 Capcom is a home video game producer with a lineup of games that are popular around world. The recently redesigned Web site uses moving images and other visual techniques, taking full advantage of Capcom’s large volume of content to make the site dynamic and interesting. With this design, the Web site provides visitors with explanations of Capcom’s video game and other business activities in a format that is easy to understand for institutional as well as individual investors. In addition, the redesigned site has a larger volume of information. The aim is to give visitors a sufficient amount of quantitative and qualitative information to analyze Capcom and consider investment decisions. For example, financial data has been expanded to cover the past 10 years. Visitors can also read interviews with game developers who determine the development strategies that are critical to Capcom’s operations. Capcom believes that these improvements were responsible for its increase from last year’s sixth-place ranking to fourth place in fiscal 2008.

 Capcom will continue to position the distribution of information on its Web site as a core element of its investor relations program. The company is determined to take more steps in order to further improve its disclosure activities



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