July 29, 2008
Press Release

Company : Capcom Co., Ltd.
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Legal Actions against Devices for Nintendo DS

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) announced that along with Nintendo and other software manufacturers which develop and distribute game programs that run on the Nintendo DS (including Nintendo DS Lite), it has recently filed a suit with the Tokyo District Court based on the Unfair Competition Prevention Act against devices as represented by “R4 Revolution for DS” (the devices so-called “Magicom”), seeking, among other things, suspension of import / sales of such devices.

With these devices, duplicated game programs that are obtained through illegal internet upload sites and are not supposed to run on the Nintendo DS will become operable. Capcom., Nintendo and software manufacturers are suffering tremendous loss caused by import, sales and other activities of such devices and such activities must not be overlooked.

Capcom, Nintendo and software manufacturers have determined that the spread of such devices in the market would hinder sound growth / development of the entire computer game industry, therefore we will continue to take strict legal measures against any so-called “Magicom” device similar to or equivalent to such devices.

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