July 16, 2008
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Capcom Confirms Lost Planet to be Made into Hollywood Movie
- The Synergism of Video Games and Movies Exemplifies Capcom’s "One Property with Multiple Uses" Strategy -

 Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is proud to announce that its popular title, "Lost Planet" will be made into a Hollywood movie.

 "Lost Planet: Extreme Condition" is an action-shooting game in which the player attempts to unlock a mysterious secret hidden on a blizzard-ridden world. The first version went on sale for the Xbox 360® in December 2006. It did exceptionally well as a new title, with over one-million sales. It was then followed by a PC version in July 2007 and a PlayStation®3 version in February 2008. As of July 16, 2008, the franchise has sold over two-million copies, and is a shining example of Capcom’s current multi-platform strategy.

 The script for the movie version of “Lost Planet” will be handled by David Hayter, the screen writer of the first "X-Men" movie. Avi Arad, who is well-known for his role of producer for all three "Spider-Man" films, will also act as a producer for "Lost Planet", alongside Ari Arad and Steven Paul. The movie production company, Seaside Entertainment, is already hard at work on the movie, with Warner Bros. planning a worldwide release. Tetsu Fujimura of Filosophia will serve as one of the film’s executive producers, through Seaside.

 Utilizing its wealth of video game brands, Capcom is strengthening its video game-to-movie development process. Following up on last year’s "Resident Evil" film series’ revenue record-breaking release of "Resident Evil: Extinction" the live-action motion pictures "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" and "Clock Tower" will be released in 2009. Capcom also has plans to release a movie version of "Onimusha" in 2011 and a CG full-length feature, "Resident Evil: Degeneration", which is currently in production. Now more so than ever, the strong promotional power of film media will be fully utilized in order to enhance the brand value and awareness of Capcom games. With this synergy, an ideal business model has been formed in order to generate more revenue from our video game software.

   In order to create more opportunities for profit and success, Capcom is striving to bring its vast number of franchises to other media such as film publishing, mobile games and character goods through its "One Property with Multiple Uses" Strategy.



【Production Details for the "Lost Planet" movie】
1. TitleLost Planet(tentative)
2. Distributor Warner Bros. (world-wide)
3. Release Date 2011 (planned)

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【Producer:Avi Arad】


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