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FY2019 Press Release

May 15, 2019 Corporate & HR Notice Regarding Partial Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation
May 10, 2019 Products & Services Capcom Adds Arcade League, College League and National Caravan Tournament to Street Fighter League in Japan, Creating Gateway to Esports Pro Leagues!
May 10, 2019 Products & Services Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Scheduled for September 6 Launch! - Capcom looks to recreate the brand's phenomenal success with a massive expansion -
May 7, 2019 Financials Consolidated Financial Results for the year ended March 31, 2019
May 7, 2019 Financials All Profit Figures Hit Record-High for Second Consecutive Year Driven by Digital Contents Business in Consolidated Results for the Year Ended March 2019 - Six consecutive years of OP growth; net sales up 5.8%, operating income up 13.1% -
May 7, 2019 Corporate & HR Notice Regarding Dividends from Retained Earnings
May 7, 2019 Corporate & HR Announcement of Personnel Changes
April 8, 2019 Corporate & HR Regarding the Receipt of the Statement of Objections From the European Commission