April 26th, 2007
Press Release

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"Take that!" Ace Attorney 4 surpasses previous installments,
ships over 500,000 copies!

- The Ace Attorney series has now shipped a total of 2 million units worldwide! -

 Capcom Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that the latest iteration of the Ace Attorney series, Ace Attorney 4, has shipped over 500,000 units in just one week since its release on April 12th.

 The Ace Attorney series of adventure games focuses on a prominent defense attorney attempting to clear his clients of false charges in the courtroom by relying on his wits and deductive skills. Since the release of the first game in October 2001, the popular series has gone on to ship a total of 2 million units worldwide (as of April 26th, 2007). Ace Attorney is known for its cast of unique and charming characters, an engaging story, and original puzzles that appeal to both male and female players of all ages. In addition to the portable game version, the mobile phone version has been downloaded and enjoyed by over 500,000 registered users, contributing further to the success of the series.

 The fourth entry in the series takes place seven years after the previous game and introduces a new protagonist. Ace Attorney 4 utilizes the Touch Screen and other Nintendo DS features to enhance many of its entertaining puzzles and animations. This helps broaden the appeal of the game to longtime fans of the series as well as to new players. It has already been selected for the Japan Game Awards 2006 "Future Award" and has been promoted with the help of the famous lawyer and television personality, Kazuya Maruyama. Both of these have helped Ace Attorney 4 garner a large amount of attention from fans across Japan.

 As always, Capcom will continue to strive to produce great original games in addition to expanding its many beloved franchises in order to satisfy fans across the world.



[ Product Information ]
1. Title Ace Attorney 4 (Gyakuten Saiban 4)
2. Genre Courtroom Battle
3. Platform Nintendo DS
4. Release Dates April 12th, 2007

* Nintendo DS is a registered trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd.




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