April 5th, 2007


Capcom Co., Ltd.


Capcom Honored with Fourth Place on the Investor Relations Site Ranking
- Capcom continues to strive to improve site usability and depth for its shareholders -

   Capcom is pleased to announce that its investor relations site was awarded fourth place on Gomez Consulting Co., Ltd's "Investor Relations Site Ranking".

   The "Investor Relations Site Ranking" determines the ranking of web sites from among 3,917 publicly listed companies in Japan based on the four categories of "web site ease-of-use", "depth of corporate finances/financial statement information", "depth of organization/strategy information" and "detailed disclosure of other relevant information". Gomez Consulting has a highly regarded reputation for its ability to analyze web sites and provide valuable insights as well as offer consulting services.

   Capcom firmly believes in its responsibility as a publicly traded company to disclose relevant information in a timely manner to shareholders and investors. This is also vital to corporate governance and Capcom has always striven to uphold strict disclosure standards.

   Capcom has recently renewed its individual investor site to include additional content such as the recently added "Company Strengths" and "Market Data" features, and will soon begin an audio and video podcast distribution service. As a result of continuing efforts to make improvements such as these, Capcom's investor relations site usability and depth, as well as its features and content design have earned it its positive recognition.

   Capcom continues to focus on establishing responsible investor relation practices and procedures to promote timely disclosure in order to improve investor relations and to maintain a high level of transparency in its business practices as a listed company.



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