March 6th, 2007
Press Release

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The Latest in Capcom's Popular Monster Hunter Series
"Monster Hunter Freedom 2" has broken a Million in Japan

- The previous installment "Monster Hunter Freedom"
is also closing in on one million! -

 Capcom is pleased to announce that Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system (referred to below as the PSP® system) has shipped more than 1 million units in Japan. The second installment has managed to outperform even the popular first game to reach one million shortly after release. With the release of the Best Edition of the first Monster Hunter Freedom, the first game is also expected to exceed one million in the near future. Combined, these two titles make the Monster Hunter Freedom series the strongest game series on the PSP® system in Japan as of March 6th, 2007.

 The popular Monster Hunter series of action games puts the player in the role of a fearless hunter roaming the great outdoors tracking down gigantic beasts. Players can tackle the adventure alone or join friends over a network for team cooperative action. Since the first Monster Hunter's console release in March 2004, it cumulatively shipped over 3.7 million copies around the world as of March 6th, 2007, and has been honored with numerous awards, securing a place as one of Capcom's premier titles.

 Capcom has been working closely with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in order to expand sales of the popular series. One result is the special Monster Hunter PSP® system bundle which includes a special color edition PSP® system, the game Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and other original goods. This and other promotional efforts have helped to spur sales. In addition to console versions, a pre-installed mobile phone game and trading cards are planned at the beginning of April as part of Capcom's one content, multi-use business strategy.

 Capcom will continue to strive to develop new and original games that appeal to a broad audience around the globe.



Product Details
1. Title Monster Hunter Freedom 2
2. Genre Hunting Action
3. Platform PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system
4. Release Date February 22nd, 2007
5. Major Awards Monster Hunter (PlayStation® 2)
・ “Future Award” (7th CESA Game Awards)
・ “Grand Award” (8th CESA Game Awards)
Monster Hunter Freedom (PlayStation® Portable)
・ “Special Award” (Japan Game Awards 2006)
・ “Best Game” (Portable Game) (Famitsu Awards 2005)
Monster Hunter 2 (dos) (PlayStation® 2)
・ “Future Award” (9th CESA Game Awards)
・ “Award for Excellence” (Japan Game Awards 2006)
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PlayStation® Portable)
・ “Future Award” (Japan Game Awards 2006)

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