September 25, 2006
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Capcom's Monster Hunter 2 (Dos) and Monster Hunter Freedom earn high praise at the 2006 Japan Game Awards

   The "Japan Game Awards: 2006", was created by the Computer Entertainment Software Association for the recognition of outstanding titles in computer entertainment software commercially released between April 1, 2005 and March 31, 2006. The 2006 awards were presented on September 22, 23 and 24, and we at Capcom are proud to announce that "Monster Hunter 2 (Dos)" was the recipient of the esteemed Award for Excellence in the Games of the Year Division, and "Monster Hunter Freedom" was the recipient of the Special Award.

   Furthermore, three of our titles "Gyakuten Saiban 4", "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd" and "Lost Planet" were chosen by Tokyo Game Show attendees as the recipients of the illustrious Future Award, acknowledging the high quality for which our company always strives.

   The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of action games in which the player becomes a fearless hunter tracking down and battling huge and ferocious monsters in a beautiful natural environment. Due to the overwhelming praise this title has received, it made its move to the PlayStation Portable (PSP®) in December 2005 and was sold under the name "Monster Hunter Freedom". As of March 2006, the combined sales of the smash-hit PSP® and PlayStation 2 titles exceed 2,000,000 units worldwide.

   "Lost Planet" for Xbox 360™ is a sci-fi action shooter in which the player seeks to unravel the hidden truth of a desolate, frozen planet. This completely new, next-generation title was awarded "Best Xbox Game" at the Games Convention held in Leipzig, Germany in August, 2006. It should also be noted that the Lost Planet demo has been downloaded more than 500,000 times off of the Xbox Live® Marketplace, a service where Xbox users can download an assortment of various contents.

   "Gyakuten Saiban 4", which marks the first game in the series to be completely designed for the Nintendo DS, is the latest chapter of the exciting courtroom drama and puts the player in the role of a defense attorney fighting to absolve his clients of trumped-up charges in a court of law. Thanks to the cross-promotion by Gyakuten Saiban’s very own head defense lawyer, Mr. Kazuya Maruyama, this series is highly touted by players of all ages and has become one of our most beloved franchises.

   As a worldwide leader in the gaming industry we at Capcom pledge to not only concentrate on expanding these existing popular titles but to also strive to create more original titles to expand the market and allow even more people to enjoy our products.


[ Award Winning Titles ]
Games of the Year Division
Award for Excellence Monster Hunter 2 (Dos) PSP®
Special Award Monster Hunter Freedom PSP®

Future Division
Future Award Lost Planet Extreme Condition Xbox 360
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd PSP®
Gyakuten Saiban 4 Nintendo DS

[ Product Details ]
Monster Hunter 2 (Dos)
Genre : Hunting Action
Platform : PlayStation 2
Release Date : February 16, 2006 (Japan)
Monster Hunter Freedom
Genre : Hunting Action
Platform : PSP®
Release Date : December 1, 2005 (Japan)
Lost Planet Extreme Condition
Genre : Action Shooting
Platform : Xbox 360
Release Date : Planned for December 21, 2006 (Japan)
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd
Genre : Hunting Action
Platform : PSP®
Release Date : Planned for February, 2007 (Japan)
Gyakuten Saiban 4
Genre : Courtroom Battle
Platform : Nintendo DS
Release Date : Planned for Spring, 2007 (Japan)


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