September 15th, 2006
Press Release

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Capcom announces Street Fighter Alpha, Monster Hunter,Resident Evil Episodes and Devil May Cry MegaGames™
for FOMA® 903i series mobile phones!

 Alongside NTT DoCoMo, Inc.’s announcement of Street Fighter Alpha for the newly unveiled FOMA® 903i series of mobile phones, Capcom is also pleased to announce that other popular franchises such as Monster Hunter, Resident Evil: The Episodes and Devil May Cry will also find a home on this new and exciting platform.

 The titles announced today represent some of Capcom’s most beloved brands. The Street Fighter series has achieved sales of more than 25 million units worldwide on home consoles, while the Resident Evil series has enjoyed more than 30 million units sold and includes successful adaptations into blockbuster Hollywood hit movies, making these titles appeal not only to game fans, but to entertainment fans around the world.

 The FOMA® 903i series of mobile phones is capable of storing programs up to 1MB in size, which allows for high speed processing, and applications that were not possible until now. Furthermore, the 903i series includes features such as saving data to a memory card, or network connections allowing for the upload and download of data, meaning that there are no limits on development possibilities. These advancements have allowed us at Capcom to apply our programming expertise for cutting edge applications to the mobile phone platform.

 Capcom continues to aim at the growing mobile market by utilizing new cutting-edge technologies and capabilities to develop increasingly high quality and original content, providing our customers with the highest forms of entertainment and maximizing profitability.



[ Product Information ]
1. Title 903i Series Launch
2. Release Date 903i Series Launch
3. Access Fee 315 Yen/Month (Tax Included)
4. Access Method iMenu -> Menu List -> Games -> Mini Games -> Capcom Party
5. Outline The series that has become synonymous with fighting games is battling its way onto the 903i – Street Fighter Alpha! Thanks to being a full 1MB game, Street Fighter Alpha sports detailed animation and numerous bone-crunching moves, unleashing the fighting spirit of the series no matter where you are!


1. Title Monster Hunter
2. Release Date 903i Series Launch
3. Access Fee 315 Yen/Month (Tax Included)
4. Access Method iMenu -> Menu List -> Games -> Action -> Monster Hunter-i
5. Outline To hunt or not to hunt? That is the question as Monster Hunter storms onto the 903i series! Witness the completely 3D fields and terrifying monsters, while enjoying more than 160 quests! So sharpen your blades and prepare for the world of Monster Hunter like you never thought possible!


1. Title Resident Evil: The Episodes
2. Release Date TBA
3. Access Fee TBA
4. Access Method TBA
5. Outline By utilizing the cutting edge 3D capabilities of the 903i, it is now possible to express the dreadful ambiance of the Resident Evil world on a mobile phone! The spectacular visuals will strike true fear into the hearts of gamers. Clear the missions and protect Raccoon City!


1. Title Devil May Cry (Working Title)
2. Release Date TBA
3. Access Fee TBA
4. Access Method TBA
5. Outline The high speed 3D capabilities of the 903i series bring to life the stylish world of Devil May Cry! With the blood of the legendary Dark Knight running through his veins, Dante is literally “highly mobile”! Witness the power of this amazing Devil Hunter in the palm of your hand!


* FOMA® is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
* MegaGames™ is a trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.



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