September 14th, 2006
Press Release

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The Next Edition of Capcom's Hit Series Devil Kings Finds A Home
On the Sony PlayStation®2 and the Nintendo Wii™!

- The Latest Release - Devil Kings 2 - Soon To Reach 300,000 Units Shipped -

   Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that it has begun development of the next installments of the hit Devil Kings series for the Sony PlayStation® 2 and the Nintendo Wii™.

   The Devil Kings series of stylish hero action games brim with the adventure and excitement of feudal warfare. Released in July of this year, Devil Kings 2 for the Sony PlayStation® 2 has been a resounding success, with shipments to date of 290,000 units. Furthermore, the gripping world portrayed in the series continues to expand to a wide breadth of mediums beyond just the gaming sphere, reaching fans in whole new ways including a trading card game, a collaboration with a popular recording artist, an event staring the voice actors featured in the game, a Devil Kings drama CD, branded goods, and a manga comic. Devil Kings is at the core of Capcom's "One Content - Multiuse" strategy and illustrates the company's ability to expand the Devil Kings brand.

   By developing the next editions of Devil Kings on both the PlayStation® 2 and the Wii™, utilizing the special characteristics of each system, an even larger, more diverse group of users will be able to experience the originality of this exciting, action packed gaming experience.

   As a leading worldwide entertainment developer, Capcom looks forward to creating new games that meet customer demands for creative and original hit titles.

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