July 13th, 2006
Press Release

A card-dispensing arcade machine and portable LCD game brought together!
Raise your very own virtual dog in "Wantame"!
A Capcom and TakaraTomy collaboration

Capcom Co., Ltd.
Takara Tomy Co., Ltd.

  Capcom Co., Ltd. (President: Kenzo Tsujimoto, Head Office: Osaka, Japan) and TakaraTomy Co., Ltd. (President: Kantaro Tomiyama, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) are pleased to announce the joint development of both an arcade card dispensing machine and a portable LCD game. The goal is to create an entirely new form of entertainment complete with all new characters to appeal to young elementary school girls. Capcom will focus on developing the card-dispensing machine and will handle the arcade machine and card side of the business, while TakaraTomy will focus on the portable LCD device. Both are slated to become available to the public starting in the latter part of September.

  Within the toy industry in recent years, arcade game machine sales are expanding and children everywhere are playing with arcade machines more and more. Understanding the importance of expanding into this market, Capcom and TakaraTomy have partnered up to design a brand-new product complete with unique character designs.

  TakaraTomy's product, "Wantame Idol Puppy" will be a game in which the player raises a puppy into a popular star ”pet idol” by playing mini-games that represent taking care of it, teaching it, and taking it outside for walks. The game unit possesses the popular transparent LCD screen and a slot to insert a card that changes the game mode. By inserting the card, the game goes into "Home" mode where the player, as the pet’s owner, enjoys mini-games that represent taking care of the puppy. By pulling the card out, the game goes into "Outside" mode where the player can enjoy mini-games that represent taking the puppy on walks around the Wantame Town map or going shopping. One particularly attractive feature of the game that will appeal to young girls is the built-in tilt sensors that allow the player to physically move the unit and make the dog walk while it is in "Outside" mode. Using the infrared feature, it is also possible to share data with friends that also have the unit or share data with the arcade game version.

  Capcom's arcade game "Wantame Music Channel" will cost 100 yen per play and will dispense a new card at the end of each game. The card that is dispensed could be one of four types of cards - a puppy card, a clothing fashion card, an accessory fashion card, or a miracle power card. The first run of cards will include over 70 different cards. After inserting the cards into the arcade unit, the unit reads the data from the cards and a game simulating a "television commercial shoot" appears on the screen. There are three modes of difficulty and six "commercial shoot" stages for each difficulty level. Players will try to earn as many "fashion points" for picking the right clothing and as many "dance points" for dancing in-step with the rhythm of the music as possible. Players can use the puppy they raised in the portable Wantame Idol Puppy game within the Wantame Music Channel game via an infrared connection. With their unique dog, players can access secret stages in the arcade game as well as earn rewards and items for use in the portable game.

  "Pop stars," "trends," and "pets" are themes that have a strong appeal for young girls. In this new type of game, the players pick a breed, take care of the puppy and raise it until it becomes a star "pet idol". They can dress their dog up the way they like and show off their cool pooch to friends.

  Capcom and TakaraTomy are employing an arcade unit, cards and an LCD game with Wantame, creating a three-pronged foundation for a business model that, starting with the original card content, has the potential to further expand into other business areas.


[Product Information]
[Wantame Music Channel]
Genre Card-dispensing game
Release Latter part of September 2006
Locations Toy stores, shopping centers, amusement facilities
Target Age 6 years old and up
Cost 100 yen / play
Cards More than 70 cards (first run)
Average Play Time About 5 minutes
Players 1

[Wantame Idol Puppy]

Cost 3,675 yen (3,500 without tax)
Release Latter part of September 2006
Target Age 6 years old and up
Battery AAA x 2 (sold separately)
Colors Shiny Pink & Shiny Blue
Size H210mm x W175mm x D25mm
Copyright Notice ©2006 Capcom/TakaraTomy

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Wantame Idol Puppy

Wantame Music Channel


Puppy Card (front)
Puppy Card (back)
Clothing Fashion Card
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