October 19, 2005

“Onimusha: Curtain of Darkness” available
for the new FOMA®902i series mobile phones

CAPCOM is pleased to announce that “Onimusha: Curtain of Darkness” will be released to be in time for the new NTT DoCoMo FOMA902i series mobile phones.

Touted as a brilliant cross between a thrilling slice ‘em up action game and a samurai survival action game, the original Onimusha was released January 25 th , 2001 for the Playstation 2 where it quickly became a million-selling title. Soon thereafter, Onimusha went on to become a hit series spawning multiple sequels and selling a combined 6.9 million units worldwide making it one of CAPCOM's key franchises.

“Onimusha: Curtain of Darkness” is being simultaneously developed alongside its Playstation 2 counterpart “Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams”. Utilizing the same main characters and game world as Dawn of Dreams, “Onimusha: Curtain of Darkness” tells the tale of Hideyasu Yuki, the Blue Demon, and his 4 companions as they fight their way through various missions and out of the Genma's deviously designed traps. Onimusha: Curtain of Darkness has been designed so that previous fans of the series, as well as those new to the series can easily enjoy this unique action-packed title. Utilizing the FOMA902i's high performance 3D graphics capability to its fullest, Onimusha: Curtain of Darkness is a revolutionary 3D action title that compliments the main plot in Dawn of Dreams and expands the world of Onimusha.   Onimusha: Curtain of Darkness is slated for a 902i exclusive release date some time before the release of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams.

We at CAPCOM have always endeavored to utilize hit franchises such as: Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Megaman, Phoenix Wright, and Onimusha to actively create new mobile content for this exciting market. Currently, key providers in international markets such as O2, Bouygues, Telefonica are used to distribute i-mode content to 7 major countries. (Statistics taken from September 2005 poll)

Looking ahead, CAPCOM aims to continue to increase profitability and focus on original content for mobile phone as well as others based on games that utilize the latest technology and provide an extraordinary value to the end-user.

〔 Product Summary 〕


Title: “Onimusha: Curtain of Darkness”


Release Date: Same day as the 902i series mobile phone


Release Price: 315 yen per month (tax included)


Activation: “iMenu” -> Menu List -> Game -> Mini-game -> CAPCOM Party

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