September 3, 2004

“Viewtiful Joe” on the air for TV animation from October 2nd, 2004
-Expansion of licensing business by media mix-

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is pleased to announce that TV animation of “Viewtiful Joe” will be on the air from October 2, 2004 by TV Tokyo networks, which is one of popular networks being watched among younger generations. Time will be 9:30-10:00 every Saturday.

“Viewtiful Joe” is themed as an unique action game introduced at GameCube and it achieves more than 450,000 copies in overseas market as well as in the domestic market. “USA Today” has taken it up as Game of the Year 2003 because of its well-designed playability and very stylish graphics throughout the game. The game will be also introduced into PlayStation2 and its sequels will be coming up at both PlayStation2 and GameCube. We believe that media mix with TV animation will benefit “Viewtiful Joe” as well as expansion of its audience in the markets.

Through animation of popular character in our contents tied up with other media, we have been strengthening our licensing activities and brand recognition so that synergy with Home Video Game segment will bring about another fruitful results. This media mix is also in line with our major products such as Resident Evil, Megaman, Onimusha and Devil May Cry sequels.

[Preview on TV animation of Viewtiful Joe]

Animation spotlights on Movie Land, wheremain character Joe together with othermovie characters will go through variousadventures against evil Jado and the storiesare full of funs and parodies.
The animation is also trying to embody“enchantment” of the people by actionsbeing enjoyed in the game world and theywill be surely capturing not only youngergeneration but also older generation people.

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