September 3, 2004


“Mobile Suit Z Gundam Guripus War” in services for NTT DoCoMo's FOMA900i series from September 6th!

Bandai Networks Co., Ltd., with its headquarters at Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo, and Capcom Co., Ltd., with its headquarters at Chuo-Ku Osaka, are pleased to announce that “Mobile Suit Z Gundam Guripus”(Role-Playing Game) will be in services for FOMA900i from September 6th.

Bandai and Capcom have worked together for the content specialized for FOMA900i services and it will be playable with subscription of ¥525/month.

“Mobile Suit Z Gundam Guripus” is a genuine role-playing game based on “Guripus Battle” in the series of “Mobile Suit Z Gundam”.
The objective of the game is to win through the battle in the field of Guripus by choosing one of the soldiers either from A.E.U.G. or TITANS. The players’ aims are to clear up the game with better achievements in the battlefield at Guripus. To gain better achievements the players will need to clear certain missions to be weekly distributed by mobile phone services. Those missions will be cleared with maneuvering mobile suits (MS) or higher quality MS together with Camille or Quatro appearing in the content.

Features of new titles are as follows,

[Service Starting Date] September 6, 2004
[Fees] ¥525 per month
[How To Set Up for Playing Game] “iMenu” → ”Menu List” → “Game” → “Role-Playing” → “Mobile Suit Z Gundam Guripus”

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