August 13, 2004

“Plaza Capcom Inter Magical was renovated and re-opened on August 15”!

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is pleased to announce to re-open an amusement facility “Plaza Capcom Inter Magical” on August 15, 2004.

As a roadside-type amusement facility, renovated store is finally coming back. 12 years passed since this facility opened on August 1991, and complete alteration was made to the facility started from March 2004.

There is a parking lot at the 1st floor, and amusement facility is located at 2nd floor. Red color as an image color of Capcom stores, is painted on its facing wall and that will make people distinguish the store easily, and also appealing to the passersby.
Store decors are featured with New York to make the audience feel enjoyed visually with the dynamic wall with character drawings and rotating displays hanging form the ceiling. Audience will surely feel like traveling to unusual world once they step into the store.

As always done in our arcades, most popular and up-dated equipment are arranged to help customers enjoy all the time at the large space, and audience attractions will be demonstrated at the store from time to time.

Particulars of the new store are as described hereunder.

[Name] Plaza Capcom Inter Magical

[Floor Space] 400 tsubo(14,000 square feet)

[Business Hours] 10:00-24:00

[Inauguration Day] August 15, 2004

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