August 2, 2004

“Resident Evil” site is coming up for NTT DoCoMo’s “FOMA900i” series on August 2nd! “Megaman Battle Network” and “Gyakuten Saiban” will also follow by the end of the year.

Capcom Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the upcoming release of “Resident Evil-The Stories”and 2 more titles exclusively for NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA900i series.

Upcoming these 3 titles are exciting contents for most advanced mobile phone, which are exclusively created based on our strongest content “Resident Evil”.  FOMA901i series with features of high speed and  large capacity will enable you to realize the realistic movement and clear graphical contents comparable to portable video game and its on-line function  will provide you a unique sense and operationality in comparison with home video game console .

Capcom will continuously support supply of  game contents  toward the third generation of mobile phone, and will strengthen the mobile business.

Features of new titles are as follows,

1. “Resident Evil-The stories”
[Service Starting Date] August 2, 2004
[Fees] ¥525 per month
[Contents] “Resident Evil” series achieved sales 24.7million units on world wide basis and they will be coming intomobile phone with overwhelming 3D graphics. There are 2 versions  available, one is “stories mode” and another is “situations mode”. You will have a lot of  fun developing from mysteries with “stories mode” by downloading monthly scenario  “situations mode” has easier access for users wherever and whenever playable Please enjoy the new “horror” through the game.
[How To Set Up for Playing Game] “iMenu” → ”Menu List” → “Game” → “Adventure” → “Resident Evil Stories”

2. “Megaman Battle Network Phantom of Network”
[Service Starting Date] By the end of the year (Plan).
[Fees] To be determined.
[Contents] “Megaman Battle Network” is very popular among children through the home video games, animations, and toys. Players will travel through virtual and real worlds as a hero named “Lan” and “Megaman” in the game. Action and strategic elements are well matched with exciting story.

3. “Gyakuten Saiban(tentative name)”
[Service Starting Date] By the end of the year (Plan).
[Fees] To be determined.
[Contents] As an attorney, players are to defend the client ,who is falsely charged with a crime. This game is in service on NTT DoCoMo and very popular among core users of mobile phone. As a sequel title, “Gyakuten Saiban 2” is newly coming up soon.

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