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Business Segments Highlights


Amusement Equipments

Here, we are engaged in two sub-segments that utilize the contents from our home video games.
The Pachinko & Pachislo (PS) sub-segment is involved in the development, manufacture and sales of frames and LCD devices for gaming machines as well as software. The Arcade Games Sales sub-segment develops, produces and sells arcade games for amusement facilities, creating synergy between businesses.

Net Sales/Operating Margins
>Net Sales 16,856 million yen/ Net Sales/ 30.3%
Operating Results for This Fiscal Year
  • In the PS sub-segment, we sold 37,000 Monster Hunter Kyoryu Sensen pachislo machines
  • We released Mario Party Fushigi no Challenge World arcade games in the Arcade Games Sales sub-segment

Main Products for This Fiscal Year (Output)

Monster Hunter Kyoryu Sensen Pachislo Machine

This is the latest pachislo machine to utilize the Monster Hunter brand, which is popular in both the home video game and pachislo machine markets. The brand power of the series and the G-Slide movable liquid crystal screen garnered fan support and lead to sales of 37,000 units, surpassing projections.


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