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Business Segments Highlights


Arcade Operations

We operate amusement facilities, primarily Plaza Capcom arcades, in Japan. These arcades are predominantly in large commercial complexes. We have diligently followed a scrap-and-build policy to maximize our efficiency in arcade operations, and have been hosting various events designed to attract families and female customers.

Net Sales/Operating Margins
Net Sales 9,525 million yen/ Operating Margins 7.9%
Operating Results for This Fiscal Year
  • We focused efforts on cultivating new customer segments, including free game experience tours for middle-aged and elderly persons and the installation of karaoke equipment
  • Three arcades were opened, one unprofitable arcade was closed
  • Sales at existing arcades were up 2% over those in the previous year

Main Arcade for This Fiscal Year (Output)

GAMELAND Shin-Sapporo

In March 2017, we opened our first new location in Hokkaido in 18 years. It should appeal to a wide range of customers, with a capsule toy corner, karaoke rooms and other attractions.


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