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XP (Experience)

About XP

You gain experience (XP) by playing through the CAMPAIGN and VERSUS. Killing enemies and gathering items are two of the various ways in which you can gain XP.

Rank Up

You can increase your rank by collecting enough XP.
Your rank is displayed next to your name.


You can unlock the following elements by collecting enough XP:


Use the XP you collected in CAMPAIGN and VERSUS to purchase new abilities.
Each ability can be upgraded three times.
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Use the XP you collected in CAMPAIGN and VERSUS to purchase new weapons.
You can use these weapons in both CAMPAIGN and VERSUS.
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XP Items

XP Items

Many items will appear in CAMPAIGN. Collect or destroy them to gain XP.


Valuable information linking the outbreak in Raccoon City to Umbrella is scattered throughout the maps.
Collect this information in CAMPAGIN mode and use a laptop to log that data in order to gain XP. You will also unlock concept art that can be viewed in GALLERY mode.

Surveillance Camera

There are many surveillance cameras that are still functional in Raccoon City. In order to maintain your mission’s secrecy, you should destroy them.
When you destroy surveillance cameras located on the map, you will gain XP.


You can find typewriters while playing through CAMPAIGN. If you discover all of the typewriters, you will be rewarded with bonus XP.

Raccoon City Mascot

You can find a Raccoon City Mascot in each mission of the CAMPAIGN. Find and retrieve them to gain XP.